General rules for StarCraft II tournaments

General rules for Starcraft 2 tournaments

1.1 Each competitor must have an account StarSraft 2 Lotv
1.2 In the tournament can participate anyone.
1.3 Each registered for the tournament participant must attach your StarSraft II account at the profile.
1.4 Any controversial points should be reported to the judge, all decisions on such matters are made by judges.
1.5 The judge's decision is final and not subject to appeal in the event of a dispute with the judge a player receives a warning up to disqualification from the tournament.
1.6 By registering - you agree with the rules of the tournament
2. Tournament:
2.1 The tournament is held in the system Single Elimination.
2.2 The game starts when both players are ready. If one of these problems, it must report them to the opponent, the game was re-created.
2.3 In case of absence of one of the players of his opponent must notify a judge chat. If the player does not appear within 15 minutes, he forfeit. As a check the player can use the game chat site.
2.4 All participants must have reached 1/4 replays will remain until the end of the tournament.
2.5 On the results report by pressing the "I lost."
2.6 The semi-finals are played on ocheredi.Match for third place before the final is played.
3. Selection of the card:
3.1 A player who is higher on the grid, the first Scribbles.
3.2 In matches in the system bo1 pointing in the grid over the number of the round.
3.3 In matches in the system bo3, each player strikes out two cards. The remaining three cards. Then one of the players selects the first card from the left. Another player chooses a second card will kartu.Ostavshayasya third.
3.4 In matches in the system bo5 each player strikes out one card. The remaining five cards. Then one of the players selects the first card from the left. Then the second player chooses a second card. The first player picks a third card, and the second player the fourth. The rest of the card will be the fifth.
3.5 Each card can be played only once in the match.
4. Hosts:
4.1 The host all games are the players themselves.
4.2 hosts in the semi-final and final games of the tournament judges can act.
4.3 If the host has created a wrong map, the game should be recreated. If both players agree with the choice of cards, any objections after the beginning of the game - not accepted.
4.4 All games may Stream. Players should not interfere with the official tape drive to get into their game.
5. Penalties:
5.1 For the use of any kind of scams - disqualification from the tournament and the imposition of the ban for the next tournament.
5.2 For the use of profanity, insults an opponent or a judge - disqualification from the tournament.
5.3 Ignorance / unwillingness to read the rules does not exempt from liability Player.
5.4 For the use of the Smurfs - a ban on the tournament. Under Smurfs meant repeated registration of one person for the tournament under different accounts.
5.5 If for any reason a player has decided to replace its permanent account for the tournament, he must pre-notify the judge. Playing in the tournament under a different account, it also at the request of the opponent is obliged to inform his real account.
6. disconnection:
6.1 In the case of disconnection of one of the players - the game is replayed by the replay.
6.2 Repeated disconnects must be notified a judge who makes a decision on the results of viewing replays.
7. Streamers:
7.1 Streamer should exhibit a delay of 2 minutes in the broadcast.
7.2 If streamer lagging, players can ask him to leave.