Registration on

1) Login to Find the button "Register"
2) When you press the button "Register" you will display the registration menu, which you will need to fill. Your e-mail and password. Then it will be necessary to confirm that you are not a bot, pressing this button and follow the instructions.
3) You will receive a notification to your e-mail. You will need to follow the link to confirm your registration for
4) Also for the tournament in Blizzard games, you will need to add to your account To attach a account you need to go to your profile, press the "Add Account" and follow the instructions.
5) Confirm your registration on this site you will get the right to participate in all Blizzard's Games tournaments on Nearest tournaments shown on the main page in the section on the right, or in tournament section. which also indicates the time zone for MSK. For some discipline held the tournament can be found on its respective logo or sign.
6) To participate you need in a single click on the desired tournament and click "Sign Up". Also, there will be a necessary key to transfer the necessary key into English.
7) We remind you that an hour before the start of the tournament you must confirm their participation