Interview with tp.uSports|shido

Manager of forZe shido told us abouttheir short relations with CMAX and about perspectives of the team's participation at the Arbalet Europe Cup.

 Shido, introduce yourself and tell us about your role in tp.uSports.

My name is Evegeny Rudak and I'm the manager of this team. My work is rather simple-searching for sponsors and so on.

We' ve got some questions about recent events: which way have you reached the partnership with CMAX and what presaged such kind of partnership?

One evening, some man wrote me a message in mIRC and ordered to play with their tag. On that moment I've heard a lot about this organization, particularly, that sometimes they behave unfair. That is why I asked Power Gaming|tihOp about them and was a bit surprised - he told, that this organization does not exist now. 

Some days later I established a contact whit CMAX and told them our terms and they concurred with them, promising hills of gold and lots of travels to European LAN tournaments at least.

So why you played with their tag in spite of their reputation and tihOp's words? Or you planned to play with CMAX tag a some kind of test of tournament and only after it to make a resolve?

Hmm.. guys did not want to play with this tag on WCG until CMAX won't transmit at least a half of money for the first time. To tell the truth, I don't know why we did it..
After the tournament money should be transmitted, but it did not happen. We gave them one week, but with the same result. We extended the term till Monday (November, 24th), but unfortunately without any outcome.
Yesterday we've got a talk with the representative of the organization, but suddenly we cleared up that money will be transmitted only in 2010 and if we don't want to wait, we can return to TP. Naturally my choice was obvious.

But was there any concrete promise to pay for travel to some tournamet? For example, Arbalet Euro. Was there any conversation about some kind of contracts?

Yes, it was. Initially they promised to pay exactly for Arbalet Euro. And on WCG we planned to meet with their manager, but he didn't even appeared. Moreover, they didn't even explain his absence.

But Arbalet Euro is coming soon. Will you be in time to find money for such prestigious and important tournament?

Unfortunately I can't say any concrete depends on many factors. I think our chances to visit this tournament are 55% to 45%.
By the way, it is said that not unknown Alex Kolesnikov will join your team on Arbalet Euro. Is it true?


Yes, it is true. It is so, because Dober had not time to get visa.  

So, what are are plans for future? Were there any new offers?

Unfortunately, no one. 

If you won't find any partner this year, will you try to collaborate with CMAX once again as they will have money for the next year?

No, we have too much experience working with them. (laughing)

One of the most discussing questions among games: Did Dosia change his decision about his pro-gamer career?

No, he did not.

Please, tell something for our readers or maybe for CMAX's managers?

Wish my best to all users of and good luck to CMAX's managers in searching of new teams. (laughing)