"Our parting with team was initiated by me" Happy

 Now we have an official announcement that Happy part with EG but we didn't find any explanation of this story. So we desided to ask Happy about this situation with EG and clear up what he is going to do without team. Dmirty answered all the questions honestly but some questions not clear yet.It was announced that EG desided to end contract with you. Have you known about that before or you had some doubts about it?
Firstly, EG desided that we wouldn't cooperate in 2010 but I had a contract until Aprel. As we have some differences in certain cause, no one stayed offense. For the first, EG desided that we wouldn't cooperate in 2010 but I had a contract until Aprel. As we have some differences at certain cause, no one remained disadvantaged. I just was released. I knew about it at the beginning of December but I first thought about it in summer.
Can you tell us about this "certain cause"?
No, all that I can add to the new from teampage is that our parting with the team was factually initiated by me. And it isn't connected with me as a player (otherwise I would been blocked till Aprel becouse contract is a contract). But I can't call the cause becouse of our with team mutual agreement.
Rate your staying in EG, summarize year of your cooperation with American team.
Generally all teams that I have been play for EG has the best support (salary and so on) but it is clear becouse game level is growing and salary is growing. I wouldn't tell about other things inside of team but can tell one thing - I don't sorry about my time staying in EG.
Tell us about Grubby as a teammate, player and person.
He is an excellent player.
After such team as EG you have a high level of requirements to the next team. Do you already have some offers and maybe there are some of them that you consider to be serious?
There aren't any offers. And I think it wouldn't. As the matter of fact that if I stayed at EG I was planning the increase of my salary after contract's end. But the cool mind tells me that they could refuse it. Anyway, we are parted. Generally I don't think about finding a team. If any top team (there are not a lot of) would want to cooperate, they will connect with me.
Lets imagine a perfect option - you have a opportunity to join any team. What team would you choose?
The name of team or the country has not matter for me. The main part - is contract. Salary, LAN support and various things from team' side, and representation of the team and its sponsors on public (tournaments) - from my side.   
You had a rest after IEST. What was you doing?
Nothing. Just fooling around. It is a good rest when you stops to order yourself to play 20 games a day even if you dont want to. So I just do nothing and was waiting the beginning of new year to forget about old year.
Was old year bad for you?
For me as for player it was bad, I have won nothing though in 2009 unlike 2008 (the second part of it), I had a salary. This year also was hard becouse I refused my studying, solved a problem with military duty and I was accustoming to what I am doing today.
You said that you relax from game while watching a movies. Have you seen Avatar? What do you think about this film? What film do you consider to be the best?
I watch movies on my PC only - I like to watch movie at my screen or at home theater at least. I don't know why but it's more comfortabe for me then at the cinema where I should pay a money and to be in a crowd of people that are chewing, coughing, talking by phone and so on. It is unpleasant for me. I didn't see Avatar in quality. I will enjoy it as it appear at DVD. Meanwhile I saw average copy and I can't see anything supernatural except graphics and animation. 8 if to judge on a ten scale. Avatar's popularity is an effect of a great advertising campaign. I can't name the best movie - there is a best one in every genre. I compare with IMDB becouse I think its objective rating.
The year before in order to have a possibility to play WarCraft seriously you refused to study. Are there any plans to continue your education or will you continue devoting all your time to WarCraft?
As for me, I guess that if you don't have to desire to do something - better even not to try. I was never fond of studying and always wanted to do what I like, so this question will never rise for me. If the wish appears - it is never late to study.
How strong is the motivation to train at the moment? Have you started practicing actively?
Yep, as soon as I woke up after the New Year (though concretely I woke up only to the date of 3rd, even then there was no one to train with, everybody disappeared :D). Now I play in the way I used to do it before - till I get tired.
Have you found any new strategies during your break?
Nothing revolutionary - I am working on bugs in the process of training, just as before. Modestly talking, I was thinking about this all the December long - yet then I came to the conclusion that not much original can be added to WarCraft. I can't imagine mass necromancers giving any results against orc (though during its testing it was rather funny). It happens due to the lack of patches - not about blademaster - I am dreaming of mass changes throughout and inventing something fresh - just as it was before - when all at once fled to battle.net with a new patch release, watching how and what - now it isn't like this. Personally, I don't feel reliance on the patch - and no reason to.  StarCraf II is on its way.
What race are you going to play StarCraft II? Have you already chosen?
Nope, as the game will be released - will see.
Do you watch replays? If so, then whose, because undeads are very little our days.
Yeap, I do, mine :D. It is incredibly boring and exhausting, especially when a lot is played during a day, and each game is to be analyzed; that's why sometimes they accumulate into few couples of dozens. Actually, when I find TeD's or Space's (tho' his demos are not always watched by me) replays - download immediately. Other undeads' demos are looked through depending on my mood, because I can note nothing new for myself there.
Imagine a 2x2 tournament with the prize of one million dollars. Whom will you pick as a partner?
Some elf, as I am undead, and the NE-UD combination is the strongest among those, where UD is figured. Whom concretely I don't know - those one, who is able to play and talk.
Being not in team, how will your opinion to the game/events change? Last time after retirement from mouz, you started participating in online tournaments. Will you take a course on regular participation in online cups as well?
They won't change in any way. The only difference in whether I have a team or not is a salary. I never took online leagues/matches seriously - as I don't  see any sense in them. Nobody obeys me playing at the moment; I will simply stay away from any leagues. Zotac is generally a taboo. In the nearest future qualification to StarsWar will be held, where I will participate certainly; in general if I have mood - I will play somewhere for fun.
On LANs you took part in commenting games for GoodGame's stream several times, why do you refuse to become a guest ether online?
Once I was commenting the game at WCG as I had nothing to do. I don't see any profit for myself in commenting games on stream, no offence. Moreover I have to train but not to comment )
Do you listen to our streams, whom of the commentators could you mark particularly?
Nope, I don't, as I've already mentioned in the case I am not playing - I am busy with something else or simply not at the computer.
When you are not, what are you doing?
Hmm, I have some affairs outside (rarely), watching TV, just doing nothing, yet in a general all this happens not so often: D
It is pleasant to speak about the intended purposes at the beginning of the year. What are yours?
The New Year's Eve I was so busy, that even forgot to wish myself success :D (as I've done the previous year). Never mind - that one I had wished and everything went wrong - this one it will be vice versa )) Generally, nothing special. While the life goes on all is not so bad.
 You are never cunning, not encouraging, not to soften the sharp corners even for the sake of diplomacy or somehow to please those who will read your view. Is your single-mindedness inherited from parents or is it your personal outlook?
It's only personal - all my life long I was allowed very much, so any deprivation or restriction of my liberty is extremely painfully for me.  Therefore I always do and say what I want, without embarrassment and limiting myself in anything. I can't stand restraint in any display.
Some of our users suppose that you do not read comments on the news or articles about you. Refute or confirm this opinion.
If I read, then just for lifting mood or nothing better to do - still it is the Internet, and, as the practice shows, the majority of posting are either children or offended people. Nevertheless it is always pleasant when the normal contingent writes favorable comments. But, in principle, as I've stressed - people's opinions were never important for me, I am who I am, and the thoughts of others don't bother me absolutely, especially in such a funny thing as the Internet :D
Well, finally you can say something censor to your haters and fans =)
I have nothing to tell my haters, each popular personality will always possess haters; fans - hello and thank you for your support.