"EGIPTYANE might shock!" Interview with pronax

 After the first day of WES Masters Euro Cup we had a short talk with  Markus Wallsten aka Rullestolsracers|pronax. He told about his team's movement to H2k, about thе сurrent event and opponents. Have a nice reading!Please, introduce yourself to our audience.
Hello all readers out there! My name is Markus Wallsten. I live in Sweden in a pretty small city called Sundsvall, I am 18 years old and have been playing Counter-Strike since 2003.
Уour team took part in the online tournament WEsgg Eu cup today, and you didn’t loose any match. How did you manage to show such a result?
Well, I don’t know really. We haven’t played anywhere together with the team since IOL and one match in EPS. We have just been practising a lot and in a lot of mixes. I suppose the fact we all are very strong individually at the moment plays its role.
Уou were a part of the project Begrip Gaming. Why did you decide to go into the camp H2k? Can you comment the information that Abdi "spawn" Mohammed has become your coach?
We went to h2k because we've always wanted to get more experience as a team. We wish to be able to attend the major lan events. And h2k's management/sponsors makes that possible. Actually I don't have any concrete comment about Abdi right now:D. News to come soon!
May the information on this subject be false?
He wants to use his experience to help us. No, this information isn’t false. I just don’t have any good answer on that at the moment :) Sorry about that!
Tomorrow the final part of the tournament wesgg will be held. Which of the remaining teams can become a competitor in your opinion?
I think that every team that has reached the playoffs will be able provide us with tough copetition. cbteam seems to be amazing and I am looking forward to face both them and EG if that happens!
Will the team continue their unbeaten run up to the finals?
I hope so, we will do our best and hopefully will enter the final and win it as well :)
How do you value the very organization of the tournament and an impressive prize fund? Is H2k planning to visit the next tournament?
It's pleasent to see some people still organizing tournaments and investing money in e-sports. The admins of the tournament did a really good job. I'm pretty sured that if we have some free time we will try ourselves in the next tournament as well.
It is known now that your opponent will be the winner of EG-vs-EGIPTYANE match. What are your thoughts on strong sides of both of the teams, especially about Russians whom you've already faced today?
Actually I don’t know much about their advantages. EG is one of the best teams in the world and they should win this match, but you never know. EGIPTYANE might shock!
Thank You for paying attention to our portal. Hopefully tomorrow you will be  lucky enough to win. What would You like to wish the users of GoodGame.ru? 
I'd love to wish them to sleep well at night! Because everybody needs that :D. And I would also like to thank our sponsors Zowie, Thermaltake, 11SPAM-Energydrink and i3d. I'll try to provide your portal with the whole team's interview and POV-DEMOs from the final game if we win!:)