"Our team is able to visit any tournament" esenin

 One of the players from the best Ukranian team Na`Vi and high expert in russian poetry Na`Vi_esenin told us about his former and present teams, about his success in e-sports and other sports and surely about the goals of his team for the nearest events.Hello, please, introduce yourself and tell a little about your e-Sports life?
Cheers everyone, my name is Arseniy Trenojenko. Nowadays I am a successful e-Sports player, who is currently playing for one of the best teams of Ukraine and the whole world. All the time is devoted to improving my game and helping my team to rise to the new level above, which is even more qualitative. Though rest days are also presented, and during this time I am trying to get enough sleep, chat with old friends in some cozy place and forget about everything that worries me usually. Moreover I am a student of the Lviv Polytechnic University and am finishing the fifth year, and, to be more correct, not finishing, but smashing =)
What qualities should a person possess to become a professional gamer and reach anything in cybersport according to you?
I guess that first and foremost a person should be predisposed to this doing, because far from all, not depending to the amount of desire showed by them, can become the best in the game. And you shouldn’t be upset here, as life is still full of other interesting cases. The second important quality is the sense of purpose as 8 years ago when I was playing for my first team from Lviv and was not even dreaming to become a champion of the CIS. And one year later, me and my team has the honor to win one of the most prestigious tournaments, which exists on the planet, so if you are 100% sure that CS is your mission, then try to achieve your goal, no matter what.
Tell us a little more about your undertakings in the virtual world? What game was the first on your computer?
Well, I had a computer since my birth. Once my father was very interested in Machines and that’s why I tried my first game when I was 2 or 3 years old perhaps. I do not remember what it was, but I’ve immediately started to swim in the games as a duck to water that's for sure. Further I became a good deal in PC management and passed all the games that happened to appear on my desktop. My first serious shooter was, certainly, Woolfenstein, then DOOM 2 and the others. I got acquainted with Counter-Strike at the age of 11 in one of the internet clubs in the Crimea. I was on vacation with parents and probably, like all childrenm who found it a great time, was running away from the beach chop on the network with their peers. I played not so well, yet as I loved the game very much, so when I came back to Lviv I bought it and installed some bots on my PC =) Further Lviv clubs and local teams came into sight.
Have you ever been fond of any usual - a world recognized sport?
Yes, I was going to very many kinds of sport, because you must play sports to be a man. Sports in childhood forms the shape skeleton muscles and figure - it was well known to my parents and they sent me to judo, where by the age of 11 I’d passed a good school 11 years old and even managed to win the All-Ukrainian competition in the weight category below 35 kg =)
In South Korea, a country with the most advanced level of e-Sports, coaches of the professional teams load their wards not only in-game workouts, but also physical activity. What do you think about this? How can a weekly attendance of the gym or, for example, jogging affect game performance?
It is really right that players find time to do themselves, as well as a computer sports is like chess, but here you have to sit 2-3 times more, so attending swimming pool or the gym is obligatorily. And health will be fine.
What is the difference between Russian and European e-Sports? What are your thoughts about the belief that Russian teams visit too little open cups and tournaments? What are your intentions about this?
I can’t imagine that competitive gaming in different countries may differ somehow. People involved in it are distinguished, the mentality of people would be more correct to say. Just Slavs are playing one way, all the others – the another =) However both we and former Polish team Pentagram already have proved, that are capable of feats. So the only thing left for us is to train further and gradually improve our game in a given direction.
What is about your life before Na `Vi? You have played for many professional teams, which of them played a decisive role to the growth of you as a progamer?
I’ve changed a lot of teammates during my life but not teams. Also, almost always, I had a backbone, which has never broken up. And each of these teams is extremely significant for me. In the squad of first I became the champion of the district, in another – of the city, in the third – of the western Ukraine, in the fourth - broke down in the Ukrainian TOP, in the fifth became the champion of the CIS, well and now I have become a world champion.
Why didn't  Numbazz become a top team?
Perhaps the lack of the Internet at the time and desire of the top players to continue training and devote theirselves to the game at 100%. Also, probably the financial crisis influenced which did not allow players of Numbazz to receive their first e-Sports salary. Lviv is a small city relatively, and the gamers’ choice is also small enough. Although I went through all the possible options, the best achievement of Nambazz is Ukraine top-3 in the first season of the ESL.

Why Na’Vi didn’t manage to win the past Arbalet Cup?
It’s karma, destiny, fate.
What is your opinion on new UNiTED squad? Will they be able to reach a new level being headed by the Ukrainian captain?
It depends on the goals the boys are putting themselves. However, if they train hard, they will come out at some game level no doubt, nevertheless what it will be will depend only on them.
One of the most important factors for the team’s development is to visit the tournaments abroad. Do you have any plans for such events? Let us say, Dreamhack Summer is coming soon.
Naturally, our team is able to visit any tournament due to Murat “Arbalet” Zhumashevish’s support. The only condition is to prepare and perform well at it. That’s why I guess you can see us at every major world event.
Can you describe your daily routine of an ordinary day? I am sure that progamers stand out with something special.
It depends on what day is needed to be described. When I live in Kiev, then nothing extraordinary happens. I wake up around 11-12 o’clock of the day, take a shower, later play a bit DM FFA or watch one episode of the serial. After I go for a walk or to the gym, then have dinner and start practicing the same DM FFA. Next we chat with the team and begin training 5x5 around 17: 00. Little breaks of 5-10 minutes are provided between maps. Afterwards I answer on interviews, watch serials and go to bed around 3 PM. If you suppose such a life to be a fairytale then you are wrong =) I will explain why later, when I retire from competitive gaming=)
If we’re talking about the day I spend at home in Lviv, then I sleep there for two days and go nowhere. Subsequently I appear at the university, all the time rest I don’t start CS, but just walk with my friends on the insanely beautiful city of Lviv.
What qualities do you find necessary to be a good cybersportsman? What differentiates you from other players?
I'm kind and this is my main quality =)
I am sure that there is a paragraph in your contract that forbids you to call your salary, but the issue of interest to many, many, very many readers. Tell me, how many cans of Pepsi you get a month?
I can buy a lot of Pepsi =)
During your long gaming career many amusing incidents in-game has happened for sure. Are there any moments that you remember so far?
After such type of matches and moments I think that they are memorable, but actually, if I now think sober, they are not. There were too many important matches and even more frags. Sometimes I would love to get known, how many frags have been done by me for 10 years in the game =)
Thank you very much for the allotted time. The last word for you.
Finally I want to thank Murat Zhumashevich for his support, our manager Zerograviti, mom, dad and everybody who appreciates me, loves and watches for my development, thank you, do not want you to sum!