Interview with ICSU.blomstar

 In few days before ASUS Summer 2010 we are happy to introduce you an exclusive interview with swedish oldschool player Fabian "Швеция blomstar" Akermark, who played in NiP and EYEballers before and will come to Kiev with his new team i can see you.

Hi, introduce yourself, please.

Hello, my name is Fabian Akermark, I am 21 years old from Stockholm, Sweden, and tomorrow (friday) we will go to Ukraine to fight for the prize money on ASUS summer cup in Kiev.

Are you studying or working?

I have been working since I gradueted school, right now I'm actually awaiting some work and while I do that I play a lot of Counter-Strike.

There are a lot of people who remember your fantastic game in NiP, can u say several words about this time?

Well, this team is very far from NiP in terms of "famous players" if you like. But there is some huge talent here as well, I dont want to compare the teams like that. But I can tell you one thing, I wouldn't comeback to the scene without a hungry team that I belived in.

Okay, it was the big surprise for many that you are planning to visit ASUS finals in Kiev. When you decided to play in professional team again and go to highskilled Europe event?

It was not a planned move from my part. I just felt that I wanted to start playing again... After a few gathers Emilio asked me out of the blue, and I couldnt say no.

Introduce your new mix I Can See U. By the way, why did you choose this tag?

Well, I don't want to call it a mix, ICSU is emilio's cousin's old clan, which featured kixer, draken etc. So it was just a name that people already have heared of, which might have helped us when we looked for sponsors.

Can you say a few words about each player of your team?

Sure. Emilio is our yougest player and the most intense. Well let's say he is 17 but you cant really tell he is, amazing aim and our ingame-leader. NDS, such a funny guy! The oncle in the team, oldest one and Noddles has acctually impressed me the most(!) since I didn't know his skill in this game. Dalito is the player who can bring home a game for you, on his own... Didn't know a lot about him previous to this team. Eksem, wow... Let's say like this, when we play our gathers in the swedish gather channels... I hit my fist on the keyboard if I have to play him, amazing. And myself, well, I promise you I have the highest amount of steam hours the last two weeks in the swedish scene... Hopefully that'll help in Kiev.

Are you planning to play long or your team is a team_for_one_event?

You know how the scene works, of course, If we feel that our chemestry outside and inside the game is great... I see no reason to stop playing with the team, but still, talented swedish CS-players are something all teams want, right?=)


So, let's speak about ASUS. What do you know about Kiev Arena as a club?

I acctually heard it was going to be held at a Esport-Arena? Or something like that, that sounded cool. I dont know anything else besides the name of it, but for us as a team, the arena (room, celler, whatever) doesn't matter. We are just exсited about the event, and to explore a whole new part of the world.

What can you say about teams on this event, who is the favorite in your opinion?

Everyone I talked to are determined Navi will win. I guess only a fool would say something else. It's the best team in the world alongside Fnatic. But the best don't always win, and I really think H2k is one of the best teams in Sweden and also in the World, look out for them!

There are k23, promotion and victoria in your group. How do you think you play against them?

K23 is the team in our group who I guess should be seen as favorite. Still, they know nothing about our game, and we can easily find out some stuff about K23. So not to minimize the other teams in our group, but k23 feels like the team we HAVE to beat, do get a easier team in the playoffs!

Okay, thank you for great interview! I wish you good luck on ASUS! Do you want to say something to your fans and to all counter-strike communty?

Hmm I wanna tell all the people I've done something bad to sorry! (you know who you are, zet, firat etc). And to the fans! We really love the support and all the cred you give us, it's something we take with us abroad! Big thanks to the people who make this possible as well!
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