4K^taLz: "We are number one in UK"

 Few days ago 4kings announced new Counter-Strike 1.6 team. We talked to one of players of this team, Talha "Великобритания tALz" Ahmad. British top-player comment situation about his transfer to 4Kings and speak about counter-strike scene in United Kingdom.
Well, introduce yourself please.
Hey guys, my name is Talha 'talz' Ahmad. I currently live in Warrington, UK but I study biochemistry at the university of Liverpool. I have been playing CS 1.6 for about 6-7 years in teams such as Dignitas and TCM. I like to gym alot so If any of you geeks give abuse, I will find you at lan! (only joking :P)

You and your teammates have entered the 4Kings organization recently. Can you give some comments about it?

We are absolutely thrilled about joining an organization with such tremendous history. They have produced talented teams in the past that have always made a major impact in their respective scene. We know its a huge task ahead and most people probably don't recognize some of our players, but with enough hard work and dedication we can hopefully do well.  

Can you say a few words about your teammates? How long do you play together?

Irish, matzz, onscreen have been playing together for a year under vitalsigns. They came 2nd in EPS UK and came 1st at the last UK LAN wiredout 3 (including jungleboy), where they beat Dignitas mix and TLR (2nd and 3rd) team respectively in UK. Whereas myself and jungleboy have been playing for teams such as Dignitas, TCM and TROJAN and both of us have won every UK lan for the past 2.5 years. We also came 1st in EPS UK under vVv and also attended various international lans such as GameGune and The Gathering.  
Under 4Kings we have not played one official together as of yet but we will be practising for the upcoming lan in Copenhagen.
How do you think, can your team reach top-level?
Well at the moment we are number one in UK but the international level is alot higher than the UK. Teams like fnatic, Na'Vi, SK etc have huge financial backing where they are on salaries to practise all day and attend every international lan out there. So for teams such as us, who have other commitments in life i.e. University/work, we can't practise as much as these teams nor attend as many lans as them.

Describe cybersport in Great Britain. Is it progressing nowadays or not?

I don't know much about cybersports in UK because most of my time I spend is at uni, gym or boxing. But I know that the UK counter-strike 1.6 scene isn't very strong due to lack of backing and terrible internet.

Ok, thank you for the interview, wish you good luck! Do you want to say anything to your fans?

Thanks, we hope the few fans we have will continue to support us through the good but most importantly the bad times :D cu around!