Interview with coL.FalleN

 We announced an interview with team player Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo two days ago, who is one of the best snipers of Brazil and the world. And now we finished to read your comments, asked all questions and got all answers!


Hi, introduce yourself, please.

Hey there! My name is Gabriel Toledo de Alcвntara Sguбrio and I'm 19 years old.

Are you studying or working?

I'm actually kind of a temporary soldier in the army here in Brazil. I used to work at my computer store some years ago but we closed it so I'm not working anymore.

Tell please about your counter-strike lifeline. In which teams had you been playing?

I started playing with my brothers in a team called FEI (Forcas Especiais de Itapetininga) and after playing some tournaments at different cities here I joined "crashers". I had a long and nice history with that team and we used to be a promising team. Last year in May, I was invited to join FireGamers. I won WCG 2009 using this tag and nowadays I'm playing with the same guys I played with at FireGamers but now we are representing compLexity.

Which player or team was your idol before you became a world famous?

I used to watch all the teams. First of everything I'm a lover of many kinds of games like Counter-Strike, StarCraft, Warcraft and common sports like soccer. I don't care who is winning, I just like to watch a good and well played game. It’s common for me to go to tournaments and realize that I'm acting like a superfan of another games that are being played just because I saw some of their games at home before going to these events.

How do you think, should one copy famous players' style of playing to reach the top or not?

I think you need to watch and get the better that each player style can give to you. In Counter-Strike I think confidence is the most valuable value for being good and watching someone doing something gives you confidence since you already saw it working.

There is a rumor that you are the follower of cogu. What can you say about it?

Cogu was an awesome player and have been maybe the best in the world for a "long" time and I really respect what he did for our e-Sport. It’s good to be compared to someone that can reach what he did because people really like him. However, people sometimes forget what another good players in Brazil did together even with Cogu on the team. We have fnx, nak, and bruno who won a lot of the same tournaments Cogu did and at some point I think Cogu is overvalued compared with these guys.

Tell about your feelings when you entered Complexity. Did your motivation increase in that moment?

Well I can say that the time I met and joined the FireGamer guys wasn’t the best one. They used to be in MiBR travelling a lot every year and when my moment appeared the situation kinda changed a little. When we got this opportunity I could feel that we are somehow returning to where they were and now we should never quit. Being supported by such a capable organization is also a good motivation too. It’s great to have to opportunity of watching movies from games that we have played online only hours after the match is over.

How are you training with your team? How do you relax when you don't play?

We have been playing together for a while now after doing the last 2 tournaments’ preparation at bruno’s house. When we are not together we practice from our houses but this is going to change at this end of year because we are in search of a place to create our own training center. On the computer I can say that I relax playing other games like StarCraft 2. I think my life is really common if you took off the army part so I’m a normal person that does normal stuff.

Your team masterfully took 4th place on WCG 2010 in LA. Are you happy or you think you could perform better?

I think we are moving step by step. We went to the tourney thinking in a top3 and fighting against Frag Executors for that position was awesome for us. We could have done better but I think we had good matches against all the teams we lost to which is good.

You won Evil Geniuses in IEM America in the final a few days ago. Tell please about this game, did you expect this victory?

We were very focused on the match. We had an unexpected hard match against DiNC and somehow I think that match being that hard helped us. We had beaten Evil Geniuses in the Pan-American event here in Brazil and our victory was questioned by some people because they had Tubby instead of their in game leader. So somehow this could be called as our rematch and I knew that it was not going to be easy. They are really good and I’m proud of my team.

How do you think, who is the best AWP player of the world? (one or more)

I think Sunde, markeloff, pasha and GoodRifle are memorable snipers.

What can you advice for young teams? What should highlight the captain from teammates?

You don’t jump from 8 to 88. You need to fail, to grow together and to heal yourself as part of something bigger than yourself. The captain must be someone with more vision compared to the others and needs to be someone with capacity of leading. He also needs to be like nak, a captain that can kill more than his own players. (laughing) 

Thank you for great interview! Do you want to say anything to your fans?

Thanks for watching our games and keep cheering for compLexity. I would also thanks Creative, XFX , Qpad and G8Brand for supporting our big family. Thanks!