mouz.MaNa interview

We present our interview with a young and very talented player from Poland - Poland mouz.MaNa. He came from the StarCraft: BroodWar'a and in his younger days had already managed to make a name for themselves and achieve good results in StarCraft2: WoL. Especially for his fans in the CIS, we asked the Polish player a few questions about his background, about the balance of StarCraft2 and e-sports scene in general.Hi MaNa! Introduce yourself please to our readers.
My name is Grzegorz "mouz.MaNa" Komincz, I am from Poland, I am 17 years old highschool student and also I am player of team mousesports.
 You 17 years only, but everyeone know you as oldscholer in  e-sports.  I remember you was playing for ZZZ. Tell us, how have you got acquainted with a StarCraft and with this wonderful world of e-sports?
Me and my brother (Funky) started to play StarCraft just for fun. We played a lot on LAN against each other and also against computers. It was so much fun that we wanted to play it also by internet as we knew we can play online. After we got the internet it somehow happened that we kept playing starcraft over and over and we both became pretty good at it. We got into the e-sports because it is extremly fun to be with this community. I do not regret the decision that I started to play.
Do you have any other favourite games, except  StarCraft? I mean PC \ sport games? You the hazardous person?
I think Diablo and Titan Quest will be my favourite games for PC, and as sports I play basketball a little.

The favourite...
 Forest Gump    Pizza    Jim Carrey

What do you think about last patch changes (1.4.2)? How does it change your game, your playstyle? You feeling better in PvT now?
I don't think balance changed by patch 1.4.2 , of course, the protoss upgrades are cheaper now and EMP of terran is smaller, but it very small changes. Terran still uses more than 6 ghosts every game against protoss. It doesn't matter if the radious of emp is 1.5 or 2 because they will EMP your whole army anyway.
Have you seen new HotS units? Many players told, most of them are imbalanced. Do you agree or Blizzard took the right way?
Yes I've seen HotS units, I don't want to talk much about them before the realize of HotS because Blizzard will do a lot of changes before.
What units from SC:BW you wanna see in SC2? What SC2 units was good \ fun for SC:BW?
SC:BW in SC2 it would be definetly reaver, with warp prism it would be extremly good unit. SC2 in SC:BW ... sentries, that would be so imba :D
The favourite...   
…unit voice?
Tal Darim Altar   Immortal

Someone told that u have a bad karma because of your 2nd places on Assembley, Dreamhack and ESWC. All time you stop before one step for win the cup. What do you think about it? Does it disturb you or on the contrary gives more forces and motivation? These are good achievements for 17 years old player.

I think I was not ready yet to win a huge Lan event, it's no problem for me because I have motivation that I am not the best player yet. II have to practice more and improve my skills to finally win an offline event. I really hope it will happen in the nearest future, because it's not funny anymore  :D
Do you have any plans travel to Korea for practice?
No, not for now.
 Its not a secret, that polish SC2 scene is very powerfull. Imagine yourself  as a nation team captain \ manager and you need pick only 4 best players for clanwar. What polish players do you put on lines and why? =)
Acer.Nerchio, Mill.Tarson, mouz.MaNa, Funky. Because I find these players the best from Poland.
Do you have some ritual before important and responsible matches? How do you prepare for your games?
Yes, right before the very important match, I try to calm down myself as much as possible, close my eyes, focus. It takes about 2 minutes but for me, it helps a lot.
Remember ESWC finals and game chat when you play vs EG.Stephano. He was a bit unmanner, isn't he? Or it was only friend jokes?
EG.Stephano and I are very good friends offline and online so it was of course a friend joke, we've been practice partners for a long time and it wasn't any kind of unmanner situation, just some trolling.
When can we see your next live stream?
As soon as I will find some time to stream, lately I've been very very very busy with school and other stuff :)
And last question. What do you do today in 11.11.11?
Nothing special, day like any other, but the date is fun :D
That’s all, thx ypu for your time and your answers! Now you can say a few words for your fans, friends, teammates and family =) And ofc about your sponsors.
Shoutouts to the Russian, Polish community, also to the other fans who support me, keep on doing that, we will rule the world soon. Also greetings and thanks to mousesports and our sponsors (Razer, MEDION, GEIL, Sansibar, INTEL) for opportunity to improve.