NightEnD: I will take ESWC gold

Here is and interview with one of the best protoss in Europe - fnatic.NightEnD In that interview NightEnd told us about balance, trainings and his aims for future. Have a good read!

Hello, NightEnd. Please, tell our readers about yourself.

Hello everyone, my name is Silviu Lazar, I’m 23 years old, I live in Romania, Bucharest and I play protoss for team Fnatic.


Well, let’s start with common questions – where do you study/work? And what are your current aims?

I’ve graduated from my university some months ago and now I’m working as a full time progamer, my goal is to become the best protoss player in Europe, also in a few days I’ll be going to ESWC and I intend to win it.


When did you start playing StarCraft 2?

I’ve been playing StarCraft 2 since beta, before that I played WarCraft 3 – “UNDEAD FOREVER!”

At the moment you are a part of Fanatic international SC2 squad. Do you practice with your teammates?

Yes, sometimes we practice together but not very often since fnatic.Rain.. is probably the only one who plays with me when I need a partner for custom games.


NightEnd and Kas


What the reason of your losses on big LaNs? Is the pressure there higher than online? Or what happened?

Yes, since I joined Fnatic I started putting much more pressure on myself and that was what gave me a setback. Before joining Fnatic I’ve only participated in a tournament in Norway where I took 3rd place beating EG.Thorzain 2-0 in quarter finals, but now I think I’m back on track.


Do you play Korean ladder? Most people think that it’s harder than European.

Well I haven’t tried playing on Korean ladder so I don’t know what to say at the moment, I think after ESWC I’ll try to play there as well and see how it goes but even now I tend to agree with those who say that KR ladder > EU ladder .

Do you plan to travel to Korea for Code S or just for trainings?

Hmm, at the moment I’m just thinking about it and I’m not sure, but if I’d go there, I’d do it to play in Code S, I wouldn’t go there just for training.


How much time do you practice? And what does your training look like?

I usually start playing after 1-2 hours after I wake up and I play 15 games, then I take a brake for 1 hour or 1 hour 30 and start playing again, 15 games after that I take another 1 hour brake and if I got a tournament, cup or cw I play those, if not I play some more games. Overall I train around 10 hours a day.

NightEnD comments on HSC#3

Let’s talk about global situation in SC2 now. Your impressions about the latest patch?

Yes, zerg is imba and terran is imba and protoss is weak. About last patch, I’d say it was needed.


Balance problems for protoss are really hot now. Winrate is -6% or more to other races, pvp is 2 strat safe now… Tell us your opinion about current balance situation.

Well, I guess I’ve already told you, every zerg player is now pro and I find it pretty much pathetic, also terran is too strong, Blizzard needs to nerf fugal + broodlords and emp + medivacs, and about pvp I think it’s almost ok but they still need to work on it.


Which MatchUp do you hate the most?

Pvz is my worst MU and also the MU that I hate the most because I lose too much to players whom I should not lose. :)


Which player is your favorite now? I know that most of pro-gamers usually have a player who they respect the most.

Which players I respect the most, I think my vote will go to IM.MVP, I have no respect for players that are unmannered also no respect for cheesy players.


Are you waiting HotS?

Yes I’m waiting it mostly because I hope Blizzard will give me some better units with which I can actually do any kind of harass.


Do you want some of old BW units?

Hmm, nope I actually don’t even know BW units that well since I only played only around 200 games of sc1 :D

Maybe reaver would be good :D


Man, I wish you good luck and I hope you’ll reach the top. Any shoutouts, last words?

Thank you very much, yes I want to thank my team fans for their support and also my sponsors MSI, Eizo, Steelseries, Raidcall – thank you all very much.

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