SK.Check о SC II
начнем с интревью которое было взято у всем известного варкрафтера SK.Check
The former Night Elf gunner does not think WarCraft 3 players have an advantage over the StarCraft 1 players, despite the WarCraft 3 progamers are dominating the Korean ladder.
- I think they have the basic RTS instincts, and with the BW gamers tied up by their teams, just from the outside it looks like WarCraft 3 gamers are doing well. If we all started off the same, who knows what the result would be, says Check.
heck thinks the players who are doing well right now in Korean progaming will adapt easily to StarCraft 2 once they switch.
- Jaedong and Flash would all be good if they tried StarCraft 2. Their basic ability to macro and micro is just so good, says Check.
The aspiring StarCraft 2 progamer has been focusing on Terran and he thinks they are really strong.
- I was originally playing Zerg, but now
'm thinking about switching to Terran, says Check and mentions their scan ability as one of their biggest strengths.
Should he succeed with Terran, he will be the one of very few high-ranked Terrans on the Asian servers. As to why...
- There’s just no one who uses them correctly. I think it's because they try to play it just like Brood War, says Check.
"Jaedong and Flash would all be good if they tried StarCraft 2"