Патч 1.29.1

Our first major round of fixes is live for 1.29. We appreciate the bug reports and efforts to help us replicate them. We'll be rolling out the next batch of changes to the PTR later this week. 

The server team has been hard at work uncovering the mysteries of the season system - that fix should be included in the near future. 

Specific Changes & Improvements

Max clan and players in a channel raised to 255

Bug Fixes

Founding of Durotar no longer crashes
Building upgrades are visually represented for player slots 13+
Building placement footprint displays for player slots 13+
Blight displays for player slots 17+
GetUnitAbilityCooldown always returns 0.00
BlzGetLocalUnitZ always returns 0.00
enGB installs and patches
Custom textures no longer cause World Editor to crash
Neutral units accept item sales in custom games
Neutral units display on the mini map in custom games
Neutral units drop bounties in custom games
Hashtable storage limit isremoved
Game cache mission key limit is removed
Quick Play maps work on Mac
Asian characters work in chat
UI elements no longer overflow in Asian languages
GUI Set Unit Name work