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Задание таково:
Подберите эквивалентные фразы в русском. Если не сможете - опишите хотябы значение, дальше уж сам( Просто просьба)
Нид хелпа.
as far as smb. is concerned;
to approve of smth;
there is no use doing smth;
to account for smth;
to make out;
to give one's consent to;
to get into scrabes;
to invent a brother;
to have a treat for smb;
to be accustomed to smth;
to clear up the point;
to be aware of smth;
take advantage of smth;
to be in favour of;
to complain of smth;
to turn into;
at a moment's notice;
to keep a diary;
to enter smth into diary;
to lead a double life;
to have faults;
to be taken aback;
to break off the engagement;
to object to smth;
to be on good terms with smb;
to bore smb. to death;
a matter of importance;
to improve confidence;
to produce an effect;
not to care twopence about smth;
to stand in one's way;
to be out of practice;
to be on speaking terms;