Патч 1.3...
So a lot of us are wondering what is being planned for 1.3. No real balance changes have been released for some time except an apparent leak. The leak also contained some statistical information.
PvZ: 45%
TvZ: 53%
PvT: 41%
These statistics basically show a Protoss ---> Zerg ---> Terran balance of power. Tournament results may suggest otherwise, but keep in mind that zerg won GSL 1 & 2 while zerg was in its worst state since launch. I believe that Blizzard is attempting to balance for high level play, but not literally expecting players to play like NesTea or oGsMC just to maintain a 50% win ratio. That being said, here are the supposed leaked changes from Naniwa.
- Bunker build time increased from 35 seconds to 40.
- EMP is now an upgrade from the ghost academy.
- Stimpack research time increased from 140 seconds to 170.

- Infestor
- Health increased by 30 points.
- Fungal growth does an additional 50% damage to armored units.
- Fungal growth now slows units by 70% instead of rooting them in place.
- Corruptor bonus damage changed from +6 vs massive to +4 vs armored.
- Baneling morph time reduced to 10 from 20.

No nerfs! o.o

Now, this isn't the first time these patch notes have been leaked and they've come from completely different sources. Patch notes have also been leaked before and proven to be accurate. I think Blizzard should probably comment on these alleged changes and maybe give the community some information on patch 1.3 coming directly from a blue. Protoss and Zerg both seem to be struggling greatly vs terran, mostly because of insanely difficult to counter all-in timing pushes. And protoss actually seems to be struggling a bit vs zerg.
I really think it's time Blizzard give the community some information on the plans for the future of StarCraft 2. Throw us a bone! ^_^
Edit: Sorry, I typo'd the TvZ statistic and wrote it as "ZvT" instead of "TvZ". Apologies for any confusion. Apparently I messed up several things in this post. Teach me for posting at 2am. :P I think it's all fixed now. lol
- постройка бункера увеличина с 35 до 40
- способность EMP будет разрабатываться в академии
- стимпак будет разрабатываться 170 секунд вместо 140
- количество очков жизни увеличена на 30
- микоз будет наносить по бронированным единицам на 50% больше урона
- микоз не будет останавливать войска полностью, а лишь уменьшать скорость передвижения войск на 70% (если я правильно понял)
- губитель получит бонус против бронированных единиц +4 вместо бонуса против крупных +6
- гиблинг будет морфится 10 секунд вместо 20
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