Patch 1.4.0 PTR
- Sentry
* Forcefields that are casted on units wont push them away. The unit will be able to move through the forcefield until it moves out in any direction. Other units are still blocked by this forcefield
- Colossus
* Speed reduced from 2.25 to 1.875
- Calldown MULE has a 90 second cooldown
- Thor
* Javelin missile can now hit up to 4 targets, splashdamage has been removed (PTR only?!)
- Hatchery
* Creep is now spreading while hatchery is under construction
* Pneumatized Carapace no longer requires a Lair
- Hydra
* Grooved Spines additionally increases hydralisk range against airunits by 2.5
- Baneling
* Banelings have a slight shadow while burrowed.

P.S: Тоссов жестко порезали !