e-sports central cup #3
    This weekly tournament ran by Felix and Ocky sponsored by e-Sports Central will continue. The past 2 cup's had good success with known players such as :gb: :n: DkH.WarcheifRich winning the first cup and [img]http://r18.imgfast.net/users/1813/37/78/06/smiles/721919687.gif[/img] :n: WebMex.Rudan^ sealing the second cup victory. We invite all players to come out and have fun this Sunday afternoon by playing in the cup or listening to the Live Stream at - http://www.livestream.com/esportscentral.
    Please read the rules of the cup and sign up here - http://e-sccup.tourney.cc/
    [b][color=orange]e-Sports Central Cup #3 Important Information[/color][/b]
    [b]Sign-Ups[/b]: Signup Phase Active
    [b]Sign-Up Deadline[/b]: 11:00 AM EST 6/26/2011
    [b]Check In: Phase[/b]: 11:00AM EST 6/26/2011
    [b]Check In End[/b]: 12:00 AM EST 6/26/2011
    [b]CupStart[/b]: 12:00 PM EST 6/26/2011
    [b]Cup Room[/b]: XP League Room
    [b]Prize Pool[/b]: $20.00
    [b]IMPORTANT![/b] - Anyone willing to participate in the cup must sign up before the deadline, and be checked in by the time the check-in ends. Players who fail to check in will NOT PARTICIPATE in the cup. The first 2 cups admins had to delay the tournament because people failed to check-in. The rules will be strictly enforced this cup to ensure everyone has a quality gaming experience. Players are also expected to be familiar and understand the rules which can be found on the home page.