Новая инфа Дота2

Special Steam Client:
Valve has given special ‘unlocked’ version of steam clients to closed beta testers which can be accessible by certain users.
DotA 2 Game Modes:
There wil be several modes in DOTA 2 along with Classic DotA mode:
Classic Mode: None of the changes, 100% WC3 Dota
Normal Mode: Orb updates, bug fixes, etc
Easy Mode: No EXP loss from deny, no gold loss on death, etc
All Random All Mid: I give you 1 guess.
Fortress Mode: 1 team is attacking while the other defends, defending team can buy traps, attacking team can buy creeps.
Arena Mode: FFA or teamed death match
Wild Mode: Random heroes with random skills.
Free Mode: No cool downs with no mana cost on skills.
Commander Mode: When you die you are changed into another hero with the same items and same level. The first side to run out of heroes or to lose their base loses.
Improved User Interface:
- The new UI aids the user in last hitting creeps, especially for meelee heroes.
- Shop layout has been beautifully designed inspired by Heroes of Newerth.
* Auto Item Buy abilitiy depending on your gold.
* Item Suggestions will automatically popup with you go nearby the shop.
Game Duration:
- The Classic mode game lasts same as TFT DotA.
- Easy Mode average game goes to 20-30 minutes on most cases.
Improved Mechanics:
- Orb effect system remake.
- Animation Cancelling remains the same.
DotA 2 Heroes & Items:
- DotA 2 will contain all the heroes that are present in current version. Similarly, all the items have been ported with different names (For e.g. Sheepstick for Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse)
* Some Hero Models have been modified but easily recognizable by their look and abilities.
DotA 2 Maps:
- There are 8 maps right now tho some of them only really work for their modes (like the All Random All Mid map).
- 3v3v3 Maps for fun.
- Ganking style maps.
Free-to-play or Micro-transactions?
This is still a mystery, Valve currently has a in-game shop for skins and other items for DoTA 2. However, it’s still undecided whether these items can be gained using achievement points or real money.
DotA 2 Beta NDA ending date:
DOTA 2 NDA is set to be lifted on 17th August and GamesCom will be held on the same day. We can expect a playable Demo or public beta start.
Legal Issues:
Valve/IceFrog are worried about DOTA trademark and they are deeply concerned about ideas being stolen by other RTS game developers.
DotA 2 Graphics:
The game over all looks bright, the map has nice contrast to the heroes and it is east to see units on top of it. The units over all have vary complex models that look great if a little on the dark side. Techies (who I play the most) is now a cart with 2 goblins in the back holding a bomb and 1 goblin in the front. Their spell effects look really good too. Phantom Lancer looks much more like a lion man and is a darker blue. Pit Lord is fully redone and looks like a huge hell dog with two heads and dragon wings. Overall, the game indeed looks great.
Regarding Images:
Unfortuately, still no Dota 2 gameplay video or images are available.
DotA 2 for beginners:
The game has more organized in-game guide/coaching system for beginners, It contains guides & video tutorials for each and every hero available on DOTA TV.
DotA 2 Launcher:
- The game launcher has full support for community forums, achievements & clans tournaments. If you are organzing a tournament, you do not have to write rules, hero bans and modes every rule and regulation is pre-selected by Valve.
- Fully automated tournament system based on player/clan rankings.
- Spectate live public/league games using DOTA 2 TV with detailed statistics of every player with clean UI.
- In-game video maker.
- Seek replays to any point.