Warcraft Nations League (wNL)
Hello everybody,
I'm sure you all remember the good old times with the European Nation Cup (ENC) managed by ESL. We miss these times, so we are going to organize a new kind of ENC with a different format and some changes, called Warcraft Nations League (wNL).
More details here : wnleague.enjin.com/home
If the russian team, belarus team, ukrainian team (and others) want to be part of the league, please remember you only have until september 17th to send your country application to warcraftnationsleague@gmail.com
you can make a country thread here to discuss : http://wnleague.enjin.com/forum/m/2455498/viewforum/611624
Every country in the world can apply for the league as long as you have at least 3 players in your roster and a captain to choose them and orga the clan wars. 7 players is the maximum roster limit.
Some publicity and news about this tournament in the russian community would also be really appreciated.
Thanks for reading,
wNL Staff