Kaya's Invitationals #3
During summer 11‘ I organised two private tournaments (Kaya’s Invitationals #1/#2). 16 Players took part in and four of them could constantly take the first four places:
1. Andre "lg.boka]" Klewe (GER): 2 tournament wins, 70 Euro
2. Moritz "LS.someone0815" ? (AUT): 2nd/3rd place, 40Euro, all invested back
3. Daniel "YinYang2010" Hartschenko (EST): 3rd/2nd place, 40Euro, 20E invested back
4. Raphael "Kaya" Mathis (CH): 4th/4th place, 20Euro, all invested back
Soon the next series will be launched, this time the tournament is public. Four slots are already occupied (from the players above); therefor 12 slots are still available. Are you interested in? If yes, write the following information in the comments:
- First Name “Account/Nickname” Last Name
- Nationality
- Race
- Current Clan
Now it depends on how many interests I get back, if there are enough there will be qualifying’s. This thread is posted as well on other websites, so it might be the case that there are other players taking part in the qualifying. Everyone is available to play if he gives the information asked. The tournament mode is the same as the system of the Replayers Epic Cup #2.
(More information will follow, the qualifying will be played before Christmas, tournament Start is planned for January)
greets kaya : )
PS: At the moment i got many innoscriptions from Germany (e.g. Yaws, Voshix, dkh.Chris etc.), so there will be regional qualifyings.