OWNEDBY dota2 league
The new season has started on ownedby.pro (10.02.12-10.03.12) with prize pool 250$\100$\50$.
Our benefits:
- Skilled players (ms/hs),
- Responsive administration,
- 4 active games at a time,
- Rapiers,
- Weekly quests,
- Game of the day,
- Exclusive bot.
All this is only at ownedby.pro.
Hurry up, you may become the winner of the second season.
Site: http://ownedbypro.com
Rules: http://ownedbypro.com/index.php/topic,466.0.html
Vouch request: http://ownedbypro.com/index.php/board,18.0.html
Channel in IRC: #ownedby.pro
Head vouchers: Rasl, kapitosha, Alba, Enlight, n1gma