Problems between russians and
Hey guys,
i started this thread because i want to understand why there is a problem between russians and "the rest of europe".
Maybe u noticed that a lot of ppl from west europe for example, have huge problems with ppl from russia in games like dota. for me, someone from west europe, the situation is like this: You play like 5-6 Dota 2 Public Games a day and in at least 4 of this games, u have somebody from russia/ukraine/belarus which ruins the game with bad behaviour and flames like "u all noob" and such bullshit, most times without a valid reason, really, really, really bad performance, ragequits and so on. it seems, that some players from russia never learned what "teamplay" is or how to play in a  team at all, without to treat everybody else like they are shit.
i don't want to say that players from west europe are perfect, super skilled and always mannered, but in 700 games of dota 2, most times (like 90%) ppl from russia ruined the game and in just 10% of all ruined games, ppl from other countries were the mainproblem.

this is just my point of view. now i would like to hear your perspective. what do you think is the reason why ppl from east and west europe seem to be unable to play with each other in so many games.
hope there will some feedback, even tho i had to post in english, cuz i dont understand any russian at all.