Прощай ZOTAC
In October 2009 the ZOTAC Quake Live Cup opened its gates for the very first time for casual as well as professional Quake Live players. Now, 33 months later, ZOTAC had to make a very though decision:
Due to the decreasing number of participants and decreasing interest in Quake Live competitive-wise within the eSports scene, this week’s ZOTAC Cup will be the last for Quake Live. As said, it was a hard but necessary decision to make, in order to preserve the high quality service ZOTAC is providing with their tournaments.
We had the honor to follow a big variety of players from all over the world during the last 2.5 years whilst they battled it out for money and glory. ZOTAC wants to thanks everyone who competed and followed the ZOTAC Quake Live Cup. Stories developed throughout the tournament as we witnessed huge upsets and glorious moments week after week. This is also the time to honor the most successful player of the tournament. By winning a third of all ZOTAC Quake Live Cups, Kevin “strenx” Baéza is the unreachable leader in the Hall of Fame.
So, for the last time, let us load our shotguns, grab some shards and make this final a memory worthwhile. Don’t miss the last opportunity to fight for 100 Euro in the last ZOTAC Quake Live Cup this Sunday!