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Только что началось. Обсуждают будущeе e-sports
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время по Москве
-Esports, from videogamers to entertainment professionals.
-Opening keynote by host Paul "Redeye" Chaloner.
-Esports as a global phenomenon. Will esports survive without an international body similar to FIFA?
-Esports and marketing. How brands find their targer audience in esports.
-Game developers and esports, how they have embraced the concept and changed their games accordingly.
-Esports and media. Why are esports the next big thing.
-Building bridges. How promoters can help each other by gathering the audiences.
• Alex Garfield – Team EG
• Alexander Kokhanovskyy – Na’Vi
• Christopher Mitchell - Razer
• David Ting – IPL
• Dustin Browder – Blizzard
• Florent Castelnerac - Nadeo
• Göran Hellgren – Telia Sonera
• Joakim Sandberg - SVT
• Kevin Lin – Twitch
• Kristin Reilly - Meteor Entertainment
• Mark Reed - Heaven Media
• Matthieu Dallon – ESWC
• Michael O’Dell – Team Dignitas
• Oh Won Suk – IeSF
• Ralf Reichert – ESL
• Robert Ohlén – DreamHack
• Russell Pfister – NASL
• Sam Matthews – Fnatic
• Simon Bennett – Wargaming
• Simon Whitcombe – CBS Interactive
• Sundance DiGiovanni – Major League Gaming
• Tomas Hermansson – DreamHack
• Zvetan Dragulev – Own3d.TV
Host Paul 'Redeye' Chaloner
Michael "Odee" O'Dell - Managing director of Team Dignitas.
Alex Garfield - CEO of Evil Geniouses.
Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovskyy - Manager of Na'Vi.
Sam Mathews - Co founder and manager of Fnatic.

Joakim Sandberg - Among other things, project manager for SVT's(Swedish national television) Dreamhack broadcasts.

Göran Hellgren - Senior project manager of Telia Gamings investments for TeliaSonera(as I understand it from wikipedia - Among other things Europes largest internet backbone provider with customers such as Blizzard, Twitch and Facebook. And "the largest Nordic and Baltic fixed-voice, broadband, and mobile operator by revenue and customer base", etc).

Kevin Lin - COO of Twitch.
Zvetan Dragulev - Own3d.

Esport event organizers:
David Ting - Genelal manager(?) of IPL.
Tomas "Greykarn" Hermansson - Head esports manager of Dreamhack.
Russell Pfister - Co founder of North American Star League.
Sundance Digiovanni - CEO of Major League Gaming.
Matthiew Dallon - Founder of the Electronic Sports World Cup.
Ralf Reichert - ESL.
Robert Ohlén - CEO of Dreamhack.

Misc(or to me unknown role/organization):
Simon Whitcombe - VP of CBS Interactive.
Ilja Rotelli - Blizzard Marketing(?).
Alex Lim - International e-Sports Federation.
Kristin Reilly - Meteor Entertainment.
Mark Reed - Heaven Media.
Simon Bennet - Wargaming.