Новый патч для ХотС!
Was just reading through forums this morning and realized we didn't communicate our general direction for the major balance patch before the holidays.
1. Redesign Thor ability/Raven seeker missile
2. Push early game Reaper a bit more
3. Hellbats better against melee units, not necessarily better vs. Ranged.
4. We'd really like to see more Medivac usage like we saw in Wings for a time in the past. Currently thinking on a cooldown based speed booster ability.
5. Buff Bio in the late game - with the addition of new units in HotS, we feel Bio in the late game is a bit weak.
6. Buff mech in general - we'd like to maybe test combining the vehicle and air upgrades at the armory.
1. Hydralisk movement speed upgrade to Lair
2. Mutalisk buff to speed and/or acceleration
3. Ultralisk changed to be good vs. all ground
4. Nerf Infestor quite heavily
5. Make it easier to unburrow and reposition Swarm Hosts
1. Redesign Voidray - we're currently thinking of having the player choose when to activate the charge.
2. Oracle - pulsar beam would now overlap too much with the new Voidray, so we'd like to change the Oracle to be more of a worker harasser.
3. Buff DTs not necessarily for the DT rush case, but to have DTs more often in the late game.
4. Nerf Vortex - we don't like how all or nothing this ability is in Wings, and with new unit adds, we feel we can remove or phase out this ability.
5. Tempest doesn't counter all late tech Zerg. We currently don't like how Zerg can't go Tier 3 units if Tempests are in play.
6. Make Voidray + Phoenix + Oracle combo a viable strat overall.
These are our current thoughts for each of the races. And please remember none of these changes are final. Our hope is to move into the more fine tuning stages if this major patch turns out well.
С английским не дружу, по-этому вкратце для таких же как я:
1) Терранам баффают тора и равена(меняют абилки, а не просто баффая их).
2) Баффают риперов в начале игры
3) Баффают хеллбатов баффнут против мили юнитов
4) Медэвакам дадут абилку на скорость(как собирались дать батлам) и возможно дадут лечить мех
5) Баффнут био в лейте
6) баффнут мех в целом.
1) мув гидры на леере
2) бафф скорости муте
3) бафф ультрала против наземных юнитов
4) сильный нерф фестора
5) теперь сварм хостов будет легче перекапывать и занимать ими позиции
1) изменения войдрея, теперь разогревание будет тоже абилкой с кд(т.е. можно будет разогреть грелку без камней например)
2) нерф оракла
3) бафф дт в лейте, но не в начале и мид гейме
4) нерф вортекса
5) нерф темпеста
6) дать тоссу возможность играть в воздух