Новый виток бреда от Близзард. Возможное изменения баланса.
We’ve listened to recent feedback and wanted to provide our thoughts on HotS balance since the last patch.1. At the top pro level, Terran looks to be slightly weaker than the other races, and we’d like to start testing possible changes.2. In terms of recent tournament wins, the three races are performing quite evenly.3. Protoss and Zerg both seem to be performing well at the top level in terms of tournament wins and overall performance.We’d like to be prepared with a general Terran buff while continuing to carefully evaluate Terran performance in both TvP and TvZ. We have some ideas for general Terran buffs that we’d love to get feedback on. Additionally, we’d love to hear feedback on other areas that could help Terran while also making the games more exciting to watch and play.
Medivac harass has been getting weaker since the beginning of HotS due to players improving at defending against them. If we increase the strength of Medivacs, we’d not only help out Terran on both matchups, but also help provide even more action-packed games to watch. We wonder if buffing the unload speed or increasing the duration of the speed boost slightly would help in a positive way.
Widow Mine
Widow Mines are quite core in both TvP and TvZ. They’re also one of the most exciting units to watch and create lots of diverse moments depending on the players’ interaction with them within each engagement. We’re currently considering a slight increase to the splash radius of Widow Mines, which we believe could be a good direction to explore.Obviously, nothing is final since we aren’t even proposing specific numbers yet, but we’d like to start discussions going that would allow us to start a balance test map soon.