First ZODIAC 2v2 Cup ($200)

Fit4Gaming announces a new monthly 2v2 cup !
Prize for the winnerteam of ZODIAC 2v2 Cup #1:
200 $

Mappool: CG, GS, GW, LT, TM, TR, PG

Number of games per match:
Round Of 64 - Round Of 16 -> Best-Of-1
Quarter-Final -> Best-Of-3
Semi-Final -> Best-Of-3
Final -> Best-Of-5
Bo1: Veto (A-B-A-B-A-B)
Bo3: Veto (A-B-A-B) - A picks 1st map, B 2nd map - 3rd map remains
Bo5: Veto (A-B) - A picks 1st & 3rd map, B 2nd & 4th map - 5th map remains
Want to play the ZODIAC 2v2 Cup ?
Register on -> Create a team (click) -> Your ally has to join your team (click) -> Sign up for the cup -> Don't forget to check-in !
All informations about the 1st ZODIAC 2v2 Cup

ZODIAC Cups will be held every saturday 15 CET (17 MSK)
exception: every 4th saturday theres a break/pause.
In that order the cups will be held:
ZODIAC Cup (150$) -> ZODIAC 2v2 Cup (100$) -> ZODIAC Cup (150$) -> Break