Back2Warcraft EPS Oldschool Cup

Tomorrow, the 30th August will be held the B2W Oldschool Cup , which consists of 12 invited former EPS (ESL Pro Series) players.
The Group stage (Bo1) will start 13:00 CET (15 MSK). 2 players per group advance to the Playoffs (Bo3), which will be played in round of 4 single elimination grid.
Group A:
Minh 'Spell' Nguyen
Stefan 'dArk' Lehmann
Fabian 'sH0WT1Me' Seither
Eduard 'VoShiX' Ebel
Dennis 'HasuObs' Schneider
Group B:
Marc 'yAwS' Förster
Heinrich 'S.o.K.o.L' Rennert
Toni 'Dolorian' Bulitz
Eric 'EricM' Marten
Leon 'Leon' Hoge
Caster team (former ESL,EPS,WC3L casters):
Jannes 'Neo' Tjarks
Phil 'FiLLy' Klockow
Remo 'remodemo' Rimmel
Lukas 'tzui' Holtmeier
Julian 'Jupe' Peters
Konrad 'Templar' Kleinholz
1st place: 100$
2nd place: 50$
3rd place: 25$
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