Back2Warcraft Casts
Hey guys
Thought it Might BE good to announce Our ​​Broadcasts here. In case you do not know us yet, we're a team of Warcraft shoutcasters doing stuff in and for the scene since more than eight years. DURING That time, we've Been working for stations like GIGA, ESL TV, ESL Radio and GameSports and finally United Under the banner Back2Warcraft.

Next Cast:
Sun, 11.23.2014 - 15.00 CET Other TimeZones :
StriveWire Cup # 3 (German) Thu, 11.27.2014 - 19.00 CET Other TimeZones[/url] :
Replays of the Year 2007 - Part IV:
Fly100% vs. Moon
GoStop vs. xiaOt
Moon vs. Remind