еще один турнир 25$
Have you ever dreamed of gaining anything else than a cool new profile-picture by playing the automated tournaments back in the old battle.net times? Well, here we go..
An fascinating new pilot project for the W3Arena tournaments has taken hold on the administrative staff, war3eu and the strategic head of the server, so we can proudly present a new facet of the automated tournamets on friday!
Dating from the 3rd of April, there is going to be an opening event, which is the first of its kind, for the iteratively funded W3Arena tournaments - we are speaking of nothing less than a pecuniary prize for the winner.
From now on, every fridays tournament will come along with a prizepool of 25$ for the winner.
The process of the payout:
If you are a W3Arena user and manage to gain the victory in one of the friday automated tournaments, then follow these steps:
get in contact with war3eu via skype or email (automatictournament@war3.eu)
attach a proving replay of you winning against your opponent in the finals
We hope that you will enjoy our new feature and wish you all good luck and have fun competeting against your opponents.
Best regards
your W3Arena team.