Интервью с ShoWTimE. [+English version]
Через несколько дней мы будем брать интервью у немецкого протосса ShoWTimE. Совсем недавно он вошел в четверку лучших игроков Европы по версии WCS и многим любителям СК2 наверняка стало интересно, что это за игрок и как он добился такого результата.
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English version
Hi! Thanks for sharing your time with goodgame.ru! At the beginning, please tell a few words about yourself.
Hey, I'm Tobias 'ShoWTimE' Sieber, I'm 21 years old and currently a fulltime SC2
player for Team Alternate :)
You are one of the Top4 European players, but people don't know much about you.
Let's start from the very beginning. Why did you become interested in games?
Honestly I dont really know where it started. My parents used to play video games
quite regulary when I was younger so I just got into it that way. At the beginning I
was only watching them play I think but when I got a bit older I started playing
myself a lot.
And why did you choose StarCraft 2, but not some MOBA game, for example?
I played some sc1 when I was around 10 or so(mostly campaign) and I just always really
liked this type of game. So when sc2 was released I started playing it because I
remembered how much fun sc1 was.
When did you realize that you want to become a professional player and how did you
manage to get into professional e-sports?
I never really wanted to become a professional player to be honest but when I finished
school I wasnt quite sure what to do and around that time I got an offer from Vega
Squadron. So from that point on I felt like I would give it a try for some time and
see if I liked it.
Usually parents are against if their children play games a lot. Do your parents treat you as a professional player?
My parents never had a problem with me being a progamer and are actually pretty
supportive. These days they watch most of my important matches and cheer for me
whenever they can.
You use to be a member of a Russian team “Vega”. Tell us a few words about that
period and tell us about your new team.
Vega was my first team and I kinda got into progaming through them. I was only part
of the team for a couple of months so I can't really say too much about it but it was
basically where my sc2 career started. Right now I'm part of Team Alternate since 6-7
months. Sadly I'm the only member of their team after Knowme Lambo, Ares and Kaup had
to leave but I still like being in the team. It's a nice atmosphere overall and I
appreciate their support.
Recently you results have been greatly improved. How do you think why? Has
something changed in you training process or in your mindset?
I think it is just a result of a lot of practice. I used to have some issues with my
wrists and couldnt play as much as I wanted to but these days it is much better so I
try to practice as much as possible. Also I got better at playing tournaments and
handling my nerves in general after learning some stuff about sport psychology.
I think it is just a result of a lot of practice. I used to have some issues with my
wrists and couldnt play as much as I wanted to but these days it is much better so I
try to practice as much as possible. Also I got better at playing tournaments and
handling my nerves in general after learning some stuff about sport psychology and
getting some more experience at events.
Fans would like to know more about your everyday training process. Whom do you
usually play with and what is your daily routine?
For practice I play mostly ladder and only occasionally some custom games when I have
to prepare for a specific race or opponent in a tournament. I usually try to practice
around 8-9 hours a day which can consist of just playing the game or watching
replays/vods. On top of that I like to do around 45 minutes of sport every day to stay
Does a coach play an important role in a training process in SC2? In your opinion,
what advantages and disadvantages does the European training process have, in
comparison with Korean one?
I'm not really sure how helpful a coach in sc2 can be since they dont really play at
the same level as progamers do. I think they are mostly helpful to keep you
motivated and maybe improve your mindset. I think the biggest disadvantage for foreigner is that
you live alone and have to figure out the game on your own while koreans live in a big
house with 5-10 other very good players that can help you out. I think the only
advantage for foreigner is that you can make your own schedule and only play if you
want to while koreans have to follow the schedule of their team every day.
Do you consider yourself as a consistent and steady player?
I think I have some off days every know and then but overall I would say yes. It is
hard to be super consistent in sc2 though due to the nature of the game
Let's talk about your recent games. In the first match against Hydra on Expedition
Lost you had the same build as Parting had done on this map in Gfinity. Why did you
choose this strategy? Did you prepare it specially for Hydra?
I wasnt planning on using this strategy against Hydra on that map but when he took the
gold base this was the first thing that came to my mind. Sadly he didnt let me set up
my attack properly and shut it down immediately. I think if I had maybe 20-30 seconds
more time to warp in some more units I would have had a good chance at taking the
Do you change your play style depending on your opponent? Do you watch VODs with
your potential opponent to learn more about his style or u use ladder expereince?
Yea in bigger tournaments I try to watch all recent games/vods of my opponent and then
try to think about which builds would be the best against my opponents playstyle.
Sometimes it is difficult to find weaknesses though and then I just try to play my
standard builds.
In your opinion, what are the strong and weak points in your play (play-style)?
I think my strenghts are that I know a lot of different builds and can play very
aggressive but also very passive for example. I cant really think of any weaknesses
right now. Usually when I feel like I'm weak at certain things I try to focus all my
attention on it until it becomes one of my strenghts.
What player's style you like most?
I basically like all the top korean protoss players even though some of them have
quite different playstyles. Parting, Zest, cjherO and rain are some of my favourites
at the moment.
If you could create your own team for playing in Proleague, what 5 players would
you take into your dream-team and explane in short why?
I think just having the strongest players from each race would be the best team. So
for Protoss I would choose Parting and Zest. Parting is really good with his control
and Zest is just very solid overall. For Zerg I would pick Life. He is by far the
strongest Zerg at the moment and for Terran Innovation and Maru. Innovation is
similiar to Zest just a very solid macro player and Maru is a micro god :D So yea I
think this team would be unbeatable.
How do you set up your mind before the match? Do you do something special before
playing with Koreans?
I think the most important thing is to always stay positive and never tell yourself
that you will lose or something like that. Also taking some deep breaths before the
match helps me to calm down and focus better.
Many players say that Sc2 is finally well balanced. What's your opinion about it?
Has the recent patch changed this balance?
Hmm I think the balance overall was good but swarm hosts were imbalanced once it got
to the lategame so I'm glad they changed them with the last patch. At the same time
Zerg struggles in the lategame now especially against Terran mech because of the swarm
host change so they might need a buff in another area.
Legacy of the Void has been recently released. Have you tried it? How do you like
I played around 100 games so far and it is a lot of fun. The game is much faster than
Hots because you cant sit back and turtle anymore which makes for much more
interesting and action packed games Since it is very early in the beta though the
balance isnt that great right now so I stopped playing it for now until there are some
more changes.
What are your future goals? You won't limit yourself to Top 4, right?
My main goal is to be within the top 16 in the WCS ranking and make it to Blizzcon.
Top 4 this season was amazing for me but of course I want to get even further and win
one WCS season. It will be very difficult though so I'm practicing a lot right now to
be prepared for next season.
What else do you prefer except Sc2? Do you have any hobby? May be music, books,
movies, sports?
As I said earlier I like to do some sport every day so I workout 4-5 a week to stay
healthy. Also when I'm not practicing sc2 I really like to play or watch darts and
since I've been traveling a lot recently I started to get into reading books.
Something I could have never imagined when I was younger :D
Girl from our site asks: Do u have a girlfriend?
No. You just dont meet a lot of girls when you are playing 8-9 hours of sc2 on most
What would you like to say in conclusion? May be a shout-out or words for your
russian fans?
First of all thanks for the interview! Of course I want to thank all my fans who are
supporting me. It is very much appreciated. Last but not least I want to thank Team
Alternate and their Sponsors Nvidia, Intel, Sharkoon and LG.
Thanks a lot for your interview! We wish you good luck in the tournaments and all the
best in your pro-gaming career!