Green Cup #3 - Random Race + Random Heroes [25 € prize]
It's time for the 3rd edition of Green Cup.
This time players are not only required to pick a RANDOM RACE before their game is started.
On top of that Random Heroes will be trained in their altar .
Random Heroes = Build an altar, summon a hero & let you surprise !
For example:
its possible that you get Paladin 1st, Shadow Hunter 2nd and Panda 3rd as Undead
or 3x warden as human.
Every hero constellation is possible on this tournament.
Enjoy ! =)
START: Wednesday, 18:00 CEST (19:00 MSK)
CHECK-IN: 17:00 - 17:55 CEST
25 € for the winner
EI SV TS LT TR TM GW ( maps can be downloaded here: )
Link to the tournament:
Points Distribution for the Yearly Ranking :
1st Place: 3 points
2nd place: 2 points
3rd/4th place: 1 point
The Green Cup series will be held in that order:
- Random Race
- Random Heroes (last week)
- Random Race + Random Heroes (Wednesday)
- Random Race (next week)
...and so on
Replays of the Final, Semifinal and Quarterfinal were bundled and are available for download: