GamesCom 2015 - Your questions to the players

He guys, B2W.Neo here.
Remo, yaws and had myself and Will have the honor the call the European WCA Pro Qualifier, last Weekend in Berlin and from wednesday to sunday at GamesCom in Cologne.

Like last year in China, we want to grab the chance to interview the four players that fight for the three slots for the Grand Final in Yinchuan, China and the 8,500 € prizepool.

So please, if you have any questions to WarchiefRich, Rudan, Foggy or HLA please tell us!

If you missed the first stage of the WCA Pro Qualifier, you can find the VoDs here. You can follow our GamesCom Coverage on Facebook  and Twitter  and make sure to follow the official WCA-Europe Stream  to catch all the great games that we're about to witness.