ZODIAC 2v2 CUP #4 (200$) , Saturday, June 4



On Saturday, June 4, 16:30 CEST (17:30 MSK) will be the #4 edition of the war3.eu ZODIAC 2v2 Cup . 
You can register for the tournament here in the forum, or via email to admin@war3.eu.


You can also use Skype or TencentQQ for registration of your 2v2 team , if you happen to have contact to war3.eu or know someone else who has.

For this we need the following informations:
- Your Nick name
- Your W3arena Account (Main acc, No smurf)
- Your Country
- Nick name of your 2v2 team mate
- W3arena Account of your 2v2 team mate
- Country of your 2v2 team mate 


Deadline for registration is Friday, June 3, 23:59 CEST 


For more information about this tournament, check this out: https://binarybeast.com/x1605194
The official tournament grid will be published on Saturday, June 4, at ~ 16:30 CEST (17:30 MSK)





Here some more informations: 


Saturday , June 4,

16:30 CEST (17:30 MSK) 

GS ; PG ; CG ; TM ; BtN ; LT ; GW




channel: war3eu 








#1: 200$ + invite to the ZODIAC 2v2 LEAGUE (this LEAGUE will start on June 27, 2016)
#2: invite to the ZODIAC 2v2 LEAGUE

#3: invite to the ZODIAC 2v2 LEAGUE


The usual war3.eu policies for transferring prizes will be applied.

Players from Eastern Europe, who do not have a Paypal account, get their prize by Western Union.


Further informations about the war3.eu - ZODIAC 2v2 LEAGUE will be made available shortly after this tournament.



Best wishes , Cheers


Catfish @ war3.eu