Warcraft III New Season

Hello everyone, ESL warcraft is starting new season on a new section site. We added ladder 1v1 and more cups.

ESL MooCup - Every Monday 20:00

ESL Community Cup - every Wednesday 19:00

ESL Warcraft Roc Weekly - every Saturday 16:00

As you can see we find better solution for MooCups! It will be all the same except it will be played on ESL. it is better for ESL and MooCups to be togheter, this way there will be more players, better administration and most important is, we dont have to take anyones place on the scedule.

ESL RoC Weekly Cups will run with 30 euro prize for each weekend. Working on solution to be played on w3arena.

There is also our YouTube Caster Crota, please subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/BlizShouter

ESL Warcraft/global is live since today:

Please contact me if you have any suggest, solution or problem.

Bсего хорошего всем в турнирах, ESL_BluT