CyberSport's Poetry and other Art objects.(C)

WeMadeFox, 4Kings, SK,
In WC arena How Ray.
Deadman, Hot and Hawk
From Russia, making talks.

"How using Micro".
Night elf, Human likest footmans.
And the whisps, old schooled retro.
Batrachelli italiano.

Bass have voice, not soprano.
Little arches sended arrows,
And Undead will leave bones.
Talons storm inside subjects.

Demon Hunter burn MP,
Abaddon have coil's power
For cut and return HP.
Azeroth the Ladder player

Never give up, say - "I never",
I'm the nothing and in all
In my diplomat have ball
And the laseric devices.

Who in highest place in prices.
Headphones white Siberia.
Logitech mx black lightness
Mind monarchic and Liberian.

Button on my mouse touch
If not dnishe and not grach.
Bottom bosom boil rise.
In the cybersport are nice.

Blender and juice maker good
Understood? Non understood?
Sub the Woofer soundate
Now and other greatest date.

Miker critic and commentor
Easy skills detector.
Katkas water hottest outclud-
Bios knower - how the boot.

Know "If seven baddest times-

Helping reset your device"
In default config, binds,
If your way inside in winds.

Style of gamers with the drink
Epochal the music wild.
Lawers in gg portal,
Give for you for free one ball.

Balletmaker bullet send-
Over, quit, It is End.©