Players about StarCraft2

Immediately after StarCraft 2 beta release it was tried and transferred into by warcrafters, tasted, murmured, criticized or welcomed by broodwar lovers, learned by casuals, while in the hot forges of Blizzard everything is being grinding, knocking, buzzing – developers are patching, remaking, simply doing the game perfect. All the best is ahead, still the first impression on the future cybersport discipline of progamers is also interesting. We asked some war- and starcrafters to share their opinion about beta. And that is what was heard:

AvatarA1|FoCuS: I don’t pay too much attention to SC2 because I am still a WC3 progamer. I play SC2 just for 3-5 hours a day, but at the moment SC2 is only fun for me.



fnatic.NightEnD: Well, i think sc2 is so great and so nice to play, seems quite balance for a beta game but it came out 1 week ago so it's kinda hard to say what's imba for sure and what's not (if there is something imba  ) , the game looks really good, polished and the new bnet 2-0 is fantastic, it's very easy to learn and use and it gives you a nice feeling like it's something new and much better than the previous bnet.

Avatarn!faculty|sokol: Already two weeks has passed since the moment of SC2-beta release. I, like every beta-key owner, has started playing this game too. At least 60 hours I had been testing new worlds and had always tried to show my best. As I’ve never played SC it appeared to be incredibly difficult at first. Yet WarCraft micro helped me a lot. About the discussion: wc3 or sc2 I can proudly claim that these two games are so different, that can coexist in parallel. I wish you all good luck and 2.0 for WarCraft.
Achievements – Bronze, 3 place.


Dhc.nicker: I play it when have free time, parallel with war3. I even found a bug or two. I had it like 4 times: was building a tank and it was stuck at 100% in the factory and couldn’t come out… Once managed to loose because this). Then, if you put it near a main in a siege mode and lift CC, you can’t land the main at the same place: the tank will prevent this. I am not sure about other buildings, maybe it is the same problem. I’ve posted that bug with the tank and uploaded demo, yet no answer was given. Too many defects) in general I enjoy the game, especially the recent patch pleased, terrans became stronger))

AvatarEmpire.Happy: Beta as a beta, game as a game, it’s hard for me to value it as it totally differs from everything available in WarCraft3. Outstanding product – no doubt, simply war3 is in my heart, moreover I am not a prostarcrafter, so I am not obeyed to accept it. That’s why unlike 90% of players, who devote their time ONLY to StarCraft, I pay significant part of my day to wc3, as I am going to play exactly it this year at least. And SC2 for now is just for fun, to learn the basics of the game. My achievements… seems I am in the platinum division (fifth) and stats 65/35, not sure.

 Snake: Golden league, second division, first place, stats 288-188. I liked both graphics and gameplay, also it’s rather balanced, though much is to be fixed. As I’ve started playing I was not worried about stats and divisions, during my first games was reading units’ characteristics, what counters what, it is the reason of initial stats 2-8. As far as I remember I was placed into the silver league, so it won’t be easy to reach the platinum one. In general the game is good, I suppose it’ll cause a boom when fully released.

 Empire.kas: A remarkable strategy that embodied the mix of sc1 and wc3, a very deep game, in my opinion blizzies managed to create what they wanted. I’ve been playing beta for a week, impressions are superb, it just swallows you, play and enjoy. 1st golden division, 1st place.


AvatarAcer.bly: (platinum, rank 5th) – Extremely stunning game, not in vain waited for its release so long. About balance I can admit that I play for zerg (finally I’m ud) and here, like in wc3, zerg is the weakest race. The fact a lurker was moved to tier 2 makes too many disadvantages, so you are either to wait till tier 3 or to push at t1…generally having practiced enough I can mark that terrans are powerful with their mass, otherwise toss doing everything correct kill all without any problems.

AvatarWhite-Ra: Playing StarCraft2 I can say with certainty that it is complete opposite of the first part: dynamics more like war3, the principles themselves like starcraft1. In the end it came out somewhere between starcraft1 and war3 with beautiful graphics. The one who will adapt to this game faster will solve. At the moment everyone is trying to abuse not a perfect balance, somebody has invented one or two tactics and all immediately began practicing these tactics using this or that imba. Such a copypast happens. ^^ From the game moments a scout, that never listen to your commands irritates me most of all. For example, moving near some zealot or zerlings or any other unit it wants to fight and dies (in fact ignoring your command simply to move further). Also I’d love to admit such a thing: units produced from barracks go to their rally point through attack, and it gives a lot of inconvenience too, for example when your barracks are being attacked by a bit larger group than yours. I hope this function will be able to control soon. But the game itself is amazing and spectacular, now it’s the turn of the hardest: try to closer the balance to the predecessor.


 mTw.DIMAGA: I personally enjoyed the beta, as it is easier to play now, I mean for zergs. Let’s take for example two rally points of a hatchery: one for larva, another for army. Moreover I’m happy with many new other tricks. To be modest I’m not devoting too much time to the game nowadays, generally I’ve practiced about 24 hours not including zotac.




RoX.KIS.SCROLL: I find the game attractive, there is something in it. Graphics has improved, still who cares? is constructed well, the only thing that is missing is the chat of sc1. I’ve played around 40 games for zerg, haven’t noticed any balance, lings solve as usual, though now workers are mighty and two zerlings are not so unpunished. From the other hand the mass of zerlings destroy protoss in a second. Speeds in the second part are extremely high, yet my APM was never higher than 200. Russian voice is cool, especially for zergs. For sure I dislike ZvZ: again everything is based on one unit.

 FXO.HappyZerg: At first it was inconvenient and unusual. Some time was needed to get used to the gameplay, hotkeys, and then it swallowed me and it became impossible to stop! Excellent game, all the details are of very high quality, sounds super! I haven’t seen serious bugs or hard imbalance yet, so I’m totally pleased, SC2 overcame all my expectations!    


AvatarIM.Fenix: SC2 is a very good game, I liked everything and all is united into something new and improved old. This is really cool. I practice for 2-3 hours a day, just enjoying and learning strategies, nevertheless it is difficult now, nothing common with the timing of sc1. I’m in the silver division, stats 25-3.


 Valm0nT: Can’t say anything special right now. Certainly I like it, but to give a more detailed response I need to play at minimum couple of thousands matches. There are things that annoy, for example lack of possibility to change a profile, see the full divisions’ statistics etc. A strange system of divisions is also unpleasant, but let’s think it’s just beta features. The game is on its long way to the balance, for the moment there is a real imba – tosses, but taking in account that Blizzard already has released some patches we can imagine with no fear that the situation will soon change. Everything else (music, effects, graphics) is above all praise. Anyway, StarCraft2 is a new milestone in the history of strategic games and cybersport disciplines, whether we like it or not.

Some demopacks: