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 A legendary quake player Anton Cooller Singov is in the list of invited to Extreme Masters Dubai on the discipline Quake Live. This year the player used to take part in ASUS twice, taking second place two times, visited GameGune in Spain and occupied the fifth line of the event. Still all these competitions were on Quake 3, and in the line of disciplines in Dubai is Quake Live. What are the relationships between the new game and Anton, what to expect from him on this event and how much time nowadays the player spends on training - all this read in an exclusive interview. The most important event on the Quake scene during the last year is the release of Quake Live.   Did You take part in any closed beta-test? What is your opinion on the new game?
I registered account and tried this game literally only two weeks ago. Impressions are positive. It reminds me some mix of Q3 & Q4… I am impressed with the popularity of this project, and I am glad, hope this will influence on the intensity of conducting different tournaments.
So Your comeback isn't related to the release of QL, is it? Then what to?
Actually it is, my manager offered me to do a comeback and reported that a tournament in Dubai was being planned soon. I thought everything over and started training.
Let's turn towards the tournament, what can You say about the participants and Your group particularly?
The squad is extreme =), best of the best. This tournament will show, who will be an example in the nearest future. I suppose, SK.Rapha will manage to show himself again, and if srs.Cypher catches his game he will make his position in the top grounded. Also I enjoy the Frenchman's STRENX game. This guy is insane in shooting. Yet it could happen that the factor of participating in an offline tournament will play it's role…
I count my group to be the second strongest one, and it would be rather difficult to pass it, though I will try to do my best. I hope I will be able to concentrate well before the matches because my first opponents will be straightly Spart1e and DaGanG. I am not fond of playing starting games with the fathers…

How much of Your time do you devote to Quake? And actually what is yours everyday schedule?
If I always trained so much, I'm sure I would have won all the tournaments in my career-). During two weeks I have played 400 duels. Some about 30 games per day-).
What appeared to become such a strong motivator: good prize, strong participants' squad, Your team, an amazing city where the event would be hold, or perhaps anything else?
I think I am simply missing the victories, as the prize is a bit little. I haven't been to the championships more than a year… Moreover my possibilities allow me to do that…

Does it mean that Your goal is to become a champion of this tournament?
According to the game I feel that I still have a lack of game experience - anyway the game itself changed a lot and the level of my opponents increased considerably. They've played more than 2000 games, that overcomes my account five times. But somewhere far inside me there is a feeling, that I will manage to catch my game along the tournament and put all the points above "i"%)
Can You guess, who of the guys can cause big problems to You? Who is the person You wouldn't like to face in the grid? Maybe, we could use some street magic, and it wont happen? =)
There is such a thing in the game as a style. For me personally it is a very important moment. It is incredibly inconvenient for me to fight with srs.Cypher, Spart1e, jibo. All the others don't disturb me so much.
Ok, we got it, everything will be done =) And let's place some bets, who could become top-3 of this championship?
If the grid is adequate, then SK.Rapha, srs.Cypher. STRENX.

To vary this article we added some personal pics of Anton
Your favorite event -ESWC was made to end its existence coz crisis. What is Your opinion, does Extreme Masters have any chances to take it's place in Your heart?
Yes it is possible. They possess all the needed resources for achieving this target. We should admit that fact, that the main manager of the tournament is a fan of Quake. This will surely bring the plenty of tournaments on QLive in this series. And it is pleasant )
One of the EM organizers is Carmak. How often do You communicate to Mikhail? What do You think of his personality?
Superb and talented fellow. He was exactly the one I admitted. I am happy with his career growth each year. What concerns directly our communication; I can name it a friendship, we always respect each other and help if necessary.
Last year You managed to attend some world class event only few times. If I am not making a mistake, the first one was GameGune. Despite it, You became the fifth after a long break. Did You prepared thoroughly before this event or Your old skill allowed to move up so highly through the grid?
Modestly talking I don't remember, how well I was prepared, still can say that we were playing an updated mode for Quake - cpmavq3. Being unknown with the features I lost. I was simply overshooted and couldn't climb higher.
How did You manage to become fifth on GameGune, and in San Jose and Athens You couldn't even pass Your group?
The starting matches were against serious opponents, and I have a disease - I loose in such situations. In Athens it was Spart1e, who later would take 2nd place, on ESWC - the grandpa of American Quake -Chance, who plays more then 6 years…
A year ago You said, that was not sured, whether You would continue career, but all the same You came back and played some times on ASUSes this summer. Why?
ASUS for me is like shopping, I don't prepare for it strongly. So it can't be compared.
However we do judge about Your progress in renewal shape in Quake 3 by taking part in last ASUSes. Is the difference in results of ASUS Spring and ASUS Summer explained by this?
Exactly. I adapt quickly to all the changes, and hope it will help me to own every today's "father" in QLive in a fast way ))
What is Your opinion on the Russian Quake scene in general? Is it still alive with the release of QL?
To be honest it is hard to watch it, as I don't check the profiles, and it isn't interesting to me. Let's wait for some little tournament in Russia and everything will become clear. What for to guess? ))
Again a year ago You claimed that was going to create a family in few years. Only one year is left. Is there any success in this direction?
Are You kidding me? Actually vice versa this question develops the sense of senseless. As for me, in the nearest future there could be no talks about creation of a family, thought I tried to organize everything needed for it. Generally let's finish about it… )
You became an official face of the advertising company "Antivirus for champions" of "Kapersky Lab". How did it happen? Did You find designer's solution of the project successful? Did You know beforehand, that on banner You would be half a cyborg or saw everything on the whole later?
I don't pay too much attention to visual effect, and if they decided it to be OK - so it is OK. I only did my job. And it happened spontaneously, because one of the designers is my acquaintance, gave them an idea. Certainly they knew nothing about cyber sport, yet I easily provided them with needed information and showed right direction )
There is no Quake on WCG, but no doubt words National Russian team is not an empty sound for You. For sure You watched over the struggles in the Russian National final, didn't You? Perhaps You supported anyone? What is Your mind about the squad that was formed finally?
Sure I support every Russian representative. And the victory on Preliminary is already a result for each finalist, I congratulate all of them. I won't give any prognoses, I will only wish some luck Happy and FIFers, I suppose we will be able to compete in these nominations. And, moreover, I read an interview of one player from tp.U. Want to admit that according to everything said there, I was confused with vagueness and disorganization in the team. I believe Overdrive and Nelepost' will point order and prepare the collective mentally in a high-quality way. Anyhow this team has potential.
 What about our RoX.KIS starcrafters?
Let's look at the situation in SC really - already a long time ago it became a tradition to see Koreans higher than all at rewarding, there is nothing to discuss.
Android broke this stereotype =)
It is separate talk about Android, I am acquainted with his preparation to the tournaments style )
Do You visit GoodGame.ru?  Maybe You watch any translations sometimes? What can You wish/tell our community?
Yeap, I visit all the popular pro-portals. Sured, You can be given such a status confidently ). I'd love to ask to enlarge the central-news sector. It is too narrow ). Thanks.
Surely, there is a huge amount of girls among Your fans. Let Your last words of this interview be addressed to them.
Btw, are You in their squad? )). Thank You for attention and understanding. I wish love and happiness all the girls sincerely.