Interview with natu

 We are happy to introduce the interview with very oldschool finnish player who are performing in Power Gaming now Joona "Финляндия natu" Leppanen. PG announce a new 2011 roster recently, and it become a main theme of the dialog.

Hi, introduce yourself, please.
My name is Joona Leppanen, I'm 25 years old and I'am one of the players in Power Gaming.
Are you studying or working?
Besides gaming I've been in the working life the past 3 years or so. Right now I'm in sort of a middle point of figuring out should I start studying or keep on working.. :P
Tell please about your counter-strike lifeline. In which teams had you been playing?
Oh boy, I've been playing in quite a few teams. Most notably All*, DSkyline, Astralis, 4Kings, 69N-28E/Roccat, mTw and now r00tz/Crack Clan/Power Gaming since April 2009.
Which player or team was your idol before you became a world famous?
I didn't have an idol outside of a few friends who were pretty good at the game when I was picking up the game. There wasn't much fanculture in the Esports-scene back in those days (2000 or so :D)
How do you think, should one copy famous players' style of playing to reach the top or not?
I guess there's always things you probably won't figure out by yourself, so looking at POV-demos is definitely something everyone should do if they want to be a better player. At the same time, getting too much into using mice or pads that other players use is a waste of time. Just play with what you are used to playing with - as long as the equipment is up to standards technically.

Cound you say some words about new roster of Power Gaming? Nice to see oldschool players in action but contE was back from army recently, is he in good playing shape now?

You know we made these changes for a few reasons, one of them was obviously that we wanted lurppis involved as he has been a very succesful caller throughout the past few years and contE who is a friend of all of us and has also had his career highs while playing with all of us at one point or another. So we wanted a team that works well socially and we wanted to be a better team, simply :). contE has been playing alot of CS the past few weeks after coming back so I don't see why he wouldn't be able to restore his skills, considering how much talent he has for the game.
 You were in-game leader of PG before changes but lurrpis was playing the same role in Evil Geniuses. Who will be team captain in this year?
Lurppis get's to do the calls now and I'm very excited and happy about it! I've never liked calling as much as people tend to think I do, but instead I always kind of ended up being the one that takes care of it. I actually really burnt out myself as far as calling goes the last few months so I'm extremely happy that I get to just play and show the world what I can do with the freedom once again.
How are you training with your team now? How do you relax when you don't play?
As lurppis is still in the USA untill 7th of February, we're not practicing as a team before that. But the rest of us have been playing alot of gathers and stuff to be prepared once we do get back on the track. When I don't play I'm usually hanging out with friends, chilling, clubbing or watching a good movie perhaps. Outside this E-world I'm just a normal guy who likes good food and good company.
Are you playing for fun now or you want to rock the world's top in 2011?
I'd like to make sure everyone understands that even if almost all of us are either working or studying as well, it doesn't mean we're not trying our hardest. We will definitely have our goal set on redeeming the Finnish CS scene back on the map. After our comeback last summer we weren't as competetive as we wanted to and I think we'll be making steady progress once Tomi arrives to Finland.
Thank you for a good interview! Do you want to say anything to your fans?
Thanks for the interview and thanks to Power Gaming, its sponsors Bigfoot Networks and SteelSeries for all the support! Also thanks to all the loyal fans who have kept following us even when it's not going as well as it should! Spasibo!