Morrow получил банан!
We regret to announce that due to his conduct in Go4SC2 Cup #34, MorroW received a ban for 3 cups.
During the final match of last Wednesday's final, MorroW deliberately ignored the instructions of a tournament admin, then later further disrespected the tournament administration.
For his misconduct MorroW received a ban from the following three Go4SC2 Cups beginning with last night's cup. This ban only applies to Go4SC2 cups and does not in any way effect his participation in ESL Pro Series Nordic or other ESL tournaments.
We would like to remind all players of the streaming rules that detail which organisations may stream Go4SC2 matches. In general only ESL approved streamers may cast matches, unless both players agree to allow other casters. From the quarter finals onwards there are further limitations on casters. See the streams page for more details including the list of approved streamers.
We regret having to take such action, but we hope the community understands that it is necessary to ensure the smooth running of future cups, for the benefit of cooperation between the players, admins and coverage partners.
Сабж: Морроу анманер и вайнер - бан на 3 G4SC2.