KODE5 2008/2009 finals in Moscow
KODE5 announces its 2008/2009 finals to be held at the exact same country, city, and location as the last season.
The mystique that had to wait until the very last moment last year, the location of the KODE5 Global Finals, has this year not been held back, but published as one of the first things. Pre-qualifiers for KODE5 2008/2009 have just started and KODE5 is pleased to announce the location of their Global Finals for the season. Just like last year, the Global Finals will be held in Moscow, Russia. KODE5 will be using the same location as same national partners as last year, when the Global Finals hit Moscow May 9th to 10th 2009. T-Modul Exhibition Complex will once again be the surroundings, while the tournament is organized in cooperation with ProPlay.ru and Playground.ru.
KODE5 2008/2009 Global Final
Date - May 9th-10th 2009
Venue - T-Modul Exhibition Complex
Location - Moscow, Russia
This season will see a total prize purse of 40.000$ with 25.000$ going to the winning team. The cash will be split as follows:
1st – 25.000$
2nd – 10.000$
3rd – 5.000$
The season is just starting up and no teams has qualified for the KODE5 Global Finals just yet. HLTV.org will keep a solid grip on KODE5 this season too, so be sure to follow all the 2008/2009 season action right here on HLTV.org