Корейский аккаунт
The other thread has 3 different methods and a lot of confused folk so I wanted to post how I accomplished scoring a Korean/Taiwanese battlenet account:

Step #1: Use this link to buy the Taiwanese Starcraft II. It will cost $42:
Step #2: Once your payment is sent and you went through all the steps (verifying phone and email address), you will receive a serial # and a "password" as well. You can view this in the offgamers website.
Step #3: Create battlenet account on tw.battle.net [ this step requires you to enter an "NID", use the generator found on this link to create an NID: http://people.debian.org/~paulliu/ROCid.html ]
Step #4: Log in to your account on tw.battle.net and click on "account" in the top menu.
Step #5: Click "games & codes" in the dropdown menu then click "add or upgrade a game". Click "Viewable Available Games". Click Starcraft II icon, then click the "Try for Free" button.
Step #6: Download the TW game client. Make sure your region in your tw.battle.net account is set to Taiwan when doing so. Install the TW client in a DIFFERENT folder from your regular SC2 installation.
Step #7: Go to your tw.battle.net account and go to Recharge Account. Enter in one of the 2 codes that offgamers.com gave you, and it will add 1150 points to your battle.net account.
Step #8: Login to your Taiwanese SC2 game client with your free trial login. Browse around and notice everything is locked.
Step #9: Wait 15-20 minutes. Go to your tw.battle.net account and click the TW version of SC2 that is listed on your main account page. Use your 1150 points to purchase the digital Taiwanese version of the game. Once you do this, it will say "Active!" and your TW SC2 will not be locked anymore!
[Step 9 is where some people encounter a greyed out "continue" button. If this is the case, just make sure you have logged in with your free trial SC2 account and waited like 20 minutes... it will become available. You will know because it will list your TW version of SC2 on your main Account page.]
GG GL HF !!!!!

Side Notes:
-KR and TW regions are linked. So by getting a TW star2 install, you will be playing on the Korean ladder.
-can use a Relocalizer to avoid having to install SC2 again
-can avoid creating a 2nd battlenet username (and having to generate a NID) if you simply change your region temporarily to Taiwan to purchase the TW SC2
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