Не так мёртв квейк, как его хоронят...

Давече, в очередной раз проиграв Сайферу в финале Зотака, наш всеобщий любимец француз Кевин "Strenx" Баезе (ака "Круасан") принялся ныть в своём фейсбуке на пинги, обвиняя ID-Software в бездейтельности и даже призвав к возврату в ку3... В каментах началась бурная реакция и один из постов очень приглянулся своим здравомыслием и аргументацией. Перевод давать не буду, ибо если вам судьба кваки не безразлична, инглиш вы должны учить..
Strenx please. Quake Live servers are hosted by external companies, id Software is not responsible for what these companies do with their routing. I made a complaint about it at interactive 3D (which is the company that hosts the QL servers in Germany and Netherlands) and they just said they're aware of the problem and are trying to fix it. I confirm what Nicholas Duncan said and my ping has improved as well to for example Swedish servers (to 35 from 55).
Secondly they do not want to put more resources and manpower in a game that's losing them money, which if you look at it from a business perspective makes perfect sense. Be happy with all the new game modes you got last update. This isn't some multibillion company like Blizzard or EA who can put thousands of designers and programmers to the task.
Why would you go back to Q3? Last I remember the last patch for that came out like 6 years ago. Even CPMA and OSP aren't updated any more. So if you really don't want any effort put into a game, go right there.
Thirdly, I don't feel like the player count has decreased, in fact, I think the amount of players playing QL has increased drastically. At streams there are now thousands of people watching instead of the few hundred there used to be. Just looking at the server browser to CA servers I can see about 16 self-spawned servers (of which surprisingly 7 are PQL) and this doesn't even include the one's that are full or are lower tier.
Yes I agree Quake Live needs some more useful features but if the game isn't making profit I don't see why id would spend more resources to it. Quake isn't dying, it's just all the people that say it's dying that are killing it. People seem to just be bored with the tournaments cause it's always the same players and the results are predictable (I honestly do not have an explanation why there's no new pro's coming in). When people watch tournaments they do not just want to watch pro players compete, they want entertainment, pro's with interesting characters like cooller and you for example. They want to spew quotes like "Your shaft is nothink on the lan" and "You have choose situations...", they want to see the game put up to a new level. It's the players that make a game entertaining, not the developers.
(с) Jurgen Reniers