Вархаунд удален из игры. Carrier has (re)arrived!
10 минут назад вышел новый апдейт для беты Hots

Hello everyone -
We will be taking the beta server down this morning to make the following updates. Thanks for participating in this beta and providing us with all of your great feedback!
Swarm Host
The locust’s attack range has decreased from 3 to 2.

We have removed the oracle’s Preordain ability.
We have added a new area of effect ability for the oracle called Phase Shield.
Targeted friendly units are shielded from harmful effects for 5 seconds.
Fungal Growth, Corruption, Contaminate, Graviton Beam, Concussive Shells, Abduct, Revelation, Vortex, and 250mm Strike Cannons – Phase Shield removes the effect and prevents units from being affected.
EMP – Phase Shield removes the anti-cloaking effect but not the damage dealt.
Neural Parasite – Phase Shield will not remove this effect but it will prevent units from being affected.
The energy upgrade has been removed.
Entomb’s duration has been reduced to 25 sec, but the health per Entomb has increased to 100.
The cost per unit has changed from 150/200 to 150/150.
The attack range has been reduced from 22 to 15.
The basic damage has changed from 30 to 30 + massive.
The ranged upgrade has been removed.
Mothership Core / Mothership
Recall will now cost 100 energy.
The mothership core will now start with 50 energy and when upgraded, energy will be set back to 50.
The range of Purifier Beam has been increased from 7 to 10.
This unit has returned to the game.

This unit has been removed from the game.
We have added a new passive ability called Combat Awareness.
This allows reapers to see up cliffs.
Battle hellions can now be built from the Factory. It has an Armory requirement.
There is a new upgrade at the Armory that will allow transformation between Battle Mode and Normal Mode.
Widow Mine
We have removed the Armory requirement.