Beta Patch 2.0.3
Hello everyone -
Due to some complications that have arisen with the background implementation of Global Play, we will need to enter an extended maintenance to support the deployment of Beta Patch 2.0.3. We will be bringing the beta down this evening and will bring it back up after finalizing the deployment of this patch late in the day tomorrow (1/24/2013).
Some good news: With Beta Patch 2.0.3 will come the addition of some exciting new features including the ability to watch replays with others, take command of those games at any point in the replay, and also allow the ability to recover games dropped to technical or network issues. We will provide a bit more information on this tomorrow as well via the StarCraft II blog and a full run down of 2.0.3 patch notes.
We will also be pushing the fix for the bug currently plaguing the Mac version of Swarm Beta (Thanks for your patience fellow Mac users!), plus a few other fun features we'll save for our info blast tomorrow. :)
Our apologies for having to disrupt any time you had planned to spend on the beta over the course of the next 24 hours. We'll have it back up as soon as we can.
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