Международный турнир - 20000$ *UPDATE*
rstars.TH000 ----------China [Human]
VG.Infi ----------------China [Human]
Yumiko -----------China [Human]
Fly100% ---------China [Orc]
VG.TeD ----------China [Undead]
Nicker -----------Russian Federation [Night Elf]
Lawliet -----------Korea [Night Elf]
Lucifer -----------Korea [Undead]
Обещали нам 4 китайца, а их оказалось 5 :(
Дата: 27-29 апреля
болеем за никера
Говорил же я, варкрафт жив
A new tournament organization has been founded in China that will bring 8 of the best Warcraft 3 players from around the world together to compete for $20,000 in prize money this April.
IET (International E-Sports Tournament) will take place at the Yiwu International Expo Center arena on April 27th and 28th, though exact details on how the matches will be played has yet to be announced.
The prize pool for the event is:
1st Place: ~$8,000
2nd Place: ~$5,000
3rd Place: ~$2,500
4th Place: ~$1,600
5th-8th Place: ~$800
The current system has 4 players being invited from China and 4 players invited from the international scene.