Торжественное открытие FFA ладдера!

W3arena.net is proud to announce that it will start hosting its official FFA ladder on Saturday March 12th.

After some delays on the FFArena project, the issues have been resolved and a new management team has been set up! Due to the need of having a large player pool for the games to start, FFA shows some technical specificities.

- It is hosted crossrealm (w3arena, battle.net, rubattle.net + some others pvpgn)

- You can by definition run into hackers from other realms, or other kind of unsportsmanship conducts like "preteaming" (joining games together in order to take out everybody else). These will have to be reported on the FFA forum

- Winner detection is glitching if you kill your last opponent by razing all his buildings. Report those on the forum as well, and an admin will correct the result.

For those who used to play it, the system is based on the playFFA ladder's one.

The ladder will be organized in seasons that lasts about 3 months. Season 1 starts on Saturday : Good Luck!

 p.s. Взято отсюда: http://tft.w3arena.net/news/details/267/FFA+is+coming+to+town/ . Скидываю сюда, т.к. не все читают новости на арене.