Интервью с Такером
Почему бы не перевести интервью с Такером?
After weeks of competition, it's now the time to make another interview. The player we have decided to pick is the famous German player who is known for his towers, Christopher 'Tak3r' Heil.

ShadowLeague: Hello Christopher, we are really happy to get you in this tournament of the ShadowLeague. Could you please introduce yourself for those who don't know you?

Hey! My name is Chris and I work as an IT Administrator for a private school chain in Germany. I'm 25 years old and in the past I played quite a lot of WC3, which made me famous together with my Tower Strategies.
ShadowLeague: In 2007, you announced your retirement from Warcraft. Why this decision?
Tak3r: I got bored of the game and at some point I just played my remaining EPS games and without proper training so I eventually dropped out of the league, which was the final step into retirement. Another reason was that I started to work and I just couldn't put enough time into the whole gaming thing.
ShadowLeague: What have you been up to since your retirement?
Tak3r: Working, Social Contacts, Sports, Guitar J
ShadowLeague: If I am right, you quitted WarCraft and tried to play Poker. Are you now a richman?

I played some poker and made some money but I didn't make it to the point where I could make a living out of it. I think it was the right decision for me to stop it and concentrate on my real job.
ShadowLeague: Do you still follow the current scene and do you use a site to keep in touch with it?
Tak3r: Yes I still follow the scene a lot, even watching streams when I got the time for it.
ShadowLeague: What do you think about the current scene? About the players? About the strategies?

I think the current scene (at least in Germany) is somehow boring compared to the old players, it lacks of characters and I think it's a bit monotony. WC3 always had the problem that the same strategies are used over and over again, that's because the maps change so infrequently and it's also a reason why I stopped playing it.
ShadowLeague: What do you think was "imba" when you were still active?
Tak3r: NightElf!!
ShadowLeague: A lot of people whine about the blade master that they consider "imba" and needs to be nerfed. What can you say about this? (Don't tell me the blade master doesn't need to be nerfed, otherwise I won't trust you).
Tak3r: Well I rarely used him but I agree that nowadays orc is too strong because of him on a very high level of gaming.

Let's imagine you would come back to Warcraft, do you think your towers or gruntapult strategies would still work?
Tak3r: I think they do, 2 RAX gruntapult is especially underrated vs. human! I like to play it more vs. them as vs. the damn night elfs J but the common strategies are most likely better...
ShadowLeague: You started to play on ReiGn of Chaos where you were already known. Why did you choose to play the Orcish race?
Tak3r: Oh my race choice is based on the first LAN Party when WC3 got released. We were 4 people and everyone picked a race, I just got orc in the end, that's it :D
ShadowLeague: You are known for your towers, why did you become a towers junkie?
Tak3r: Because they were very effective back then (you can also call it imba^^). Image I could creep a big ogre Spot on LT with a single tower and 10 seconds before my Hero popped out he reached lvl 3 and got a nice item :D
ShadowLeague: At the release of the Frozen Throne, you switched to this game. Were there special reasons?
Tak3r: It was the only logical thing, all the big leagues support the newer games and unless you just want to play RoC for some there was no reason to stick with it.
ShadowLeague: You played much ladder with your accounts mTw-Tak3r and mTw-Taker but also mTw-Tak0r where you made very good stats. What was the goal? Did you try to make a record by making xxx/0?

Well I think I had the record with my 191-0 account so there was no reason to try to break it. It was mostly because at the time I reached top 10 in the solo ladder you had a really hard time to even find an opponent because of the Match Making System. That's why I created new Accounts.

Were there players you admired?

There were a bunch of players, too many to name but one that sticks in my memory is Hazeem. That might also be because I even stayed at his house in San Francisco at some time and I had more than a pure gaming related relationship with him (without any gay meanings^^)
ShadowLeague: You were very good in 2on2s with Dennis 'LaSh' Hoffmann. Are you still friends or is it just a page of a book?
Tak3r: I had such a great time with Lash, it was so funny because we got in so many fights even during important games and somehow we managed to stay the best german 2v2 team and also went a whole wc3l season undefeated. We talked a lot about the game and I'm looking forward to play with him again in sc2!
ShadowLeague: Is there a match which will always stay in your memory? If yes, why?
Tak3r: Yes, my first big match. It was the first German championship (NGL Finals back then) vs a-L.pLaGue. I still remember our game on Plunder Isle, it was so intense because so much was on the line in that single game.
ShadowLeague: What is the most memorable moment you have known from Warcraft?
Tak3r: I think that's the first time I realized how many supporters I had, like in important games they spammed my IRC channel like crazy people and I was like "WTF is going on here?" It was really nice to get something back in a way and to know that you can entertain a lot of people and make them happy just by playing a computer game J
ShadowLeague: You have met a lot of people through events, who is the craziest person you have met and why?
Tak3r: O I met tons of people and right now I somehow can't pick one person, sorry J
ShadowLeague: Let's switch to the most interesting subject of this interview, the ShadowLeague. What can you say about this tournament?

I really liked the games I played, after some years WC3 actually was fun again and it was also nice to meet the old players again. Sadly I couldn't get enough train and after my stupid loss vs. Insomnia I lost the motivation and only played my remaining game vs Madfrog without a single train game. Damn I still don't get why I decided against a fast expo on plunder vs him, I did it in all the train games and it worked so good!! DAMN!! :D
ShadowLeague: Your fans loved your match against Zdravko 'Insomnia' Georgiev especially the first one on The Two Rivers. Did you practice this strategy before the match?
Tak3r: Yes I practiced the 2 rax gruntapult a lot vs. human, I actually didn't practice any other strat at all, just focusing on this strat. I believed that this is quite unused and might also come as a surprise or at least I thought he wouldn't have a lot of experience against that strat! I also think it's a good strat especially when you reach t3 and 3-0 catas with a upgraded kodo beast J

What do you think about our map pool? Do you think we should have added the new Wc3 maps or do you think it was preferable to keep the old maps?

The map pool was perfect, the tourney would have been a bit pointless if you had used the regular map pool so I was very glad!

What is your favourite map in this map pool and why?

Plunder Isle, its just so good for orc fast expo :D after that you can do everything you want hehe
ShadowLeague: Who do you think will be in the finals? (at the moment Sweet will face Insomnia and Madfrog will face Farseer in the semi finals. We have also Moon and Space already qualified)
Tak3r: I Think sweet and farseer will reach the semis.
ShadowLeague: People know that you will switch to StarCraft II. Have you got the opportunity to play this game? If yes, what race do you plan to play?
Tak3r: I played it twice and I will play protoss just like I did over 6 years in starcraft-broodwar.
ShadowLeague: I've heard that Korea people are not waiting for this game. They actually prefer the current StarCraft game. Do you think they will change their opinion when Sc2 will be out?
Tak3r: Korea is special when it comes down to Starcraft. The process of changing to sc2 will take longer there but in the end I think we'll all end up in sc2 :)
ShadowLeague: Will there be a mTw.Sc2 team? Will you be a player or a manager?
Tak3r: Yes, we already created a SC.1 team in order to get a good team spirit and a complete team ready as soon as the beta comes out... well the team is ready now but the beta is still missing sadly!! ^^
ShadowLeague: Thanks much for your time Christopher, we wish you the best for the future as well as your real life projects. Any last word?

You're very welcome. I'd like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to show some more games, I think the AM kill vs Insomnia on 2 Rivers was worth it, this kind of stuff doesn't happen a lot J also greeting to all my supporters and esport lovers! :)